Moritz Grossmann partners insane supercar with a new watch: The Devel Sixteen

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In a surprising move, German independent watchmaker Moritz Grossmann teams up with the most insane supercar maker – Devel and announces a new watch to go with your 5000 hp hypercar.

Who is devil is Devel?

We are a bit surprised with Moritz Grossman’s association with Devel. The hyper car maker has yet to sell any cars, though a very yummy pitch has been crafted for their Sixteen for the last 5 years. Also, the company is founded in Dubai by three brothers, and the cars are said to feature US made engines and will be made in Italy. We would have thought that Grossmann, as a German watch company would possibly be a better fit to one of the German auto makers.

The car is designed by Paolo Garella, the former head of Pininfarina’s one-off division who also worked on Apollo’s V12-powered $2.7 million IE hypercar. There are rumours that Paolo has left the project, and Devel is not listed as a project he worked on in his official website.

The Devel 16 sports car is also an ultra hyped car. The car will be offered in 3 versions. The lower end two are street legal, and the range topping edition is designed only for drag racing. This version is said to have a top speed of 320 mph with a power output of some 5000 horsepower. No car has yet been delivered to end customers, leading some to speculate that it might be fake news. The web is full of controversial articles and videos like this one by Supercar Blondie perhaps feeds that very rumour mill.

According to the interview in the video above, the first Devel 16 will be delivered in the highest power option (the drag racing version with 5000 bhp) in February 2019 (like now!).

While we may be unsure about the car, the Moritz Grossmann watch is very real. Here is the release information.

The Moritz Grossmann Devel 16

The founder and CEO of Grossmann Uhren GmbH, Christine Hutter, together with Devel Motors CEO Majid Al Attar, announced the cooperation between the two brands on 14 February 2019, prior to the official opening of the new Devel Motors showroom in Dubai. A Devel 16 model will be presented together with the Devel Sixteen sports car in the new Devel Motors showroom in Dubai. The Devel 16 watch will soon be available exclusively from Devel Motors.

The Moritz Grossmann Devel 16

The Moritz Grossmann Devel 16 is in a blackened stainless steel case. Inspired by the number of cylinders in the Devel Sixteen sports car, it is a limited edition of 16 pieces. The Devel 16 dial is designed in polished stainless steel to match the rim of the Devel Sixteen sports car.

The openings between the rim spokes on the dial allow a view of the calibre K 200.1 in the High Artistic Finish. The surface of the spokes and the rim edge is mirror polished, and depending on the viewing angle, it appears either pitch black or reflects the light like as a mirror would. A yellow Devel Motors logo is on the subsidiary seconds on a black background with a fine yellow border. The yellow stitching of the black leather wristband matches the colour in perfect harmony.

The striking indices on the blackened stainless steel outer dial ring are filled with grey Hy-Ceram, accentuating the sporty elegance of the timepiece. The lance-shaped hands are also filled with black Hy-Ceram.

The movement is the Grossmann in-house manufactured Kaliber 201.1

The K 201.1 is not a new Grossmann caliber. It is already deployed in several of their watches. The movement is handwound, running at a rather sedate 18,000 bph with a power reserve of 42 hours. It uses a Grossmann balance, with hacking seconds. The movement is a pillar movement with 3/4 plate and frame pillars in untreated German silver. It also features a separately removable clutch winding mechanism; stop seconds for handsetting.

We look forward to seeing and handling the watch in Baselworld 2019.


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  1. Michael Gössel on

    Was haben diese zweifelsfrei hochemotionalen Produkte sonst noch gemeinsam? Muss Moritz Grossmann sich für Aufmerksamkeit schon so verbiegen!?