MB&F HM4 Final Edition

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MBF…enigmatic, provocative. But always with an edge and a story to tell. Max Busser himself is full of energy, and creativity. I covered the HM4 series with interest in these pages, and we now come to the concluding episode of this outrageous timepiece.

I am amazed by Max’s creativity. A small change here, a twist there, and the entire watch is changed. This time, just a small change to the bezel, from round to square, changes the look completely. Now looking like the instrument panel from an aircraft…

MB&F HM4 Final Edition

Same movement, almost the same case…but a bezel redesign, the HM4 looks totally like a new watch…I can see how some who love the original HM4 may want to buy another because the watch looks so different.

The movement side…still looking good

And a wrist shot…


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