Live from SIHH 2019: Greubel Forsey

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We come to the ultra high end of Greubel-Forsey.

The new watch, Art Piece Edition Historique, the Final Edition for the Art Piece Collection. 33 more pieces will made. 11 in plat. CHF 555,000 without tax.

A push of the crown will cause the small aperture which is closed with a shutter “Art Piece” to show the minutes.

The blue pvd Ti background seen here is simply a spectacular color.

Next is the Balancier Contemporain. The smallest Greubel Forsey ever. At 39.6mm. The Signature 1 was 41.4mm. CHF 195,000 before taxes. LE 33 in WG.

Personally this is magnificent.superb GF finishing. Very wearable size. Fits perfectly on my wrist.

Peter Chong
Live from Geneva


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