Just released: MB&F LM1 Final Edition

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The MB&F Legacy Machine No1 was released in 2011, to much fanfare as being the first round, and hence classically inspired watch from the Max Büsser stable. The run now comes to an end with this Final Edition, a special edition with some firsts. 


MB&F LM1 in stainless steel case and a rich, dark chocholate dial. We are not able to capture the deep rich hue of the dial as we can see it in real life. due to the domed crystal and the use of anti reflective coating on the crystal.


MB&F LM1 Final Edition

The LM1 remains with the same movement designed and made by Chronode (Jean-François Mojon) and finished by Kari Voutilainen. The movement is essentially the same watch as the first edition, with special features.


The Mojon designed movement is retained. And still looks beautiful.


A stainless steel case. A first for LM1, and a metal not used often by MB&F; there has been only one other previous occasion (the LM101). Max tells us that steel will remain a very rare exception at MB&F – and will be a feature for future Final Editions.


LM1 Final Edition.


A dark brown face. The launch of the last LM1 may be a bittersweet celebration for some — we pinpoint the colour at 85-percent dark chocolate as we saw it in real life. But in the live photographs, it does not seem to be so. This is because of the anti reflective coating on the domed crystal is very difficult to capture the colour properly, and we did not want to use digital processing to force the colour. As regular readers know, we usually nail the colours used in watches in our photography, the LM1 Final Edition proved to that we can fail. Our pictures do not really show the deep, rich hue of the dial in real life, but merely a hint.


The design of the bridge is cambered and tapered in the style we introduced with the LM101 and LM Perpetual.


A new balance bridge, cambered and tapered in the style introduced with the LM101 and LM Perpetual.


The Final Edition is available in a limited edition of 18 pieces.


Limited edition of only 18 pieces. Over the course of its six years of production, about 435 LM1s will have been manufactured, making it the second most prolific ambassador after the emblematic HM3. The LM1 has appeared in red gold, white gold, platinum and titanium, in faces of blue, grey and green. It has also generated two Performance Art pieces Like the Xia Hang LM1 reviewed here), in collaborations with artists.


On the wrist, the dark chocolate dial exudes a rich luxury.


Retail price of the LM1 Final Edition is CHF/USD 79,000 + VAT

Editor’s note: Once again, we apologise that the live photographs are not able to show the chocolate brown of the dial due to the use of a heavily domed crystal with anti reflective coating. 



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