Introducing the Ressence Type 5, the first Divers watch from Ressence

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After a few teaser posts, Ressence has taken the covers off their latest model.  Introducing the Ressence Type 5, the first dive watch from the company, which incorporates their signature design elements of a crownless case and rotating disc time system.

Ressence Type 5

The new Ressence Type 5.

We have previously reviewed the Ressence New Type 3 and we found it to be a pretty cool watch.  Ressence has a novel approach to the telling of the time, with its rotating disc system.  The new Type 5 utilizes the same Ressence Orbital Convex System (ROCS).  The hours, seconds and the oil temperature gauge sit in revolving discs, which in turn orbit in side the main disc of the minute display, which itself is continuously revolving. The engraved indications are filled with blue and green Superluminova.

The 46mm titanium case weighs 87 grams and the inspiration for the case shape comes from sea turtles.


The Ressence Type 5, the first Divers watch from Ressence

We mentioned at the start the Type 5 is a dive watch. It has been designed to meet the ISO 6425
standards.  The watch features a unidirectional bezel in addition to a  new case-back that has been specially designed for the Type 5.

All 142 components, including the dial are immersed in 37.5ml of oil.  The oil compensates for pressure underwater. It also cancels out what is known as Total Internal Reflection. Typically, when under the water, a traditional diver’s watch needs to be viewed straight on in order to be read properly – otherwise refraction turns the glass into a mirror.


The oil used in the Ressence Type 5 helps to cancel out Total Internal Reflection

The Ressence Compression Lock System, or RCLS, has a system for the locking and compression of the gasket, with two positions, ‘lock’ and ‘set’.  This is to ensure maximum water resistance.


The Ressence Compression Lock System, specially designed for the Type 5.

The Type 5’s internal architecture comprises two halves – the upper chamber, comprising the ROCS 5, filled with oil; and a lower, dry chamber containing the movement, divided from the upper by way of a grade 5 titanium, hermetically-sealed membrane.  To transmit the primary minute information from the movement to the ROCS, the Type 5 ingeniously uses connected micro magnets – while a number of protective measures ensure the magnetic fields these create do no harm to the regulator.

We like the colour scheme and feel it is a refreshing new approach to the design of a dive watch.

It will retail for $26,250 EUR (excl VAT)

For more information please visit Ressence.

Technical Specifications

Runner (90 Seconds)
Oil Temperature
Patented ROCS 5 – Ressence Orbital Convex System – driven by the minute axle of a
customised 2824/2
Caseback winding and time setting with RCLS – Ressence Compression Lock System
Magnetic Transmission
Compensating Bellows System (7 Bellows)
36 hours power reserve
28,800 vibrations per hour
60 jewels
25 gears
Convex titanium grade 5 dial (125mm radius) with 3 eccentric biaxial satellites inclined at 3°
(hours), 4.75° (thermal gauge and seconds)
Engraved indications filled with blue and green Superluminova
Titanium grade 5
Two separate sealed chambers with the upper one filled with 37.5 ml of oil
Domed sapphire crystals top and bottom with both sides anti-reflective coating
Uni-directional bezel
46mm (diameter) x 15.5 mm (thickness)
10 ATM water-resistance
Ardillon Buckle in titanium grade 5
Black Barenia leather (24/22mm)
26.250 EUR (excl VAT)


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  1. I can barely swim, let alone dive, but would love to have the opportunity to handle this timepiece, in a boutique environment. Maybe some day own it.

    I would love to see this. Any opportunities in Singapore to see this? Peter?