Introducing: SEVENFRIDAY P2 “WOODY” and M1 UAEE

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SEVENFRIDAY releases two new limited editions to the stable of their wildly popular collections, namely the P2B/03-W “WOODY” and the M1/02 – UAEE. The “WOODY” is a limited edition of 450 pieces and adds itself to the impressive Industrial Revolution line. The UAEE is a 71 piece limited edition that celebrates the launch of the first SEVENFRIDAY boutique in the UAE.

P2B-01W Woody (3)



The P2B/03-W will be released in December as part of the latest SEVENFRIDAY Off Series. Limited to 450 pieces, the “Woody” adds itself to the Industrial Revolution line, which is inspired by historic industrial production methods, hand hammered copper, old iron tools and the art of wood joinery.


The “WOODY” in its natural element, albeit cannibalistic

Following the successful launch of the first P3/02, the new P2B/03-W “WOODY” marks the second time SEVENFRIDAY has used wood on their watches. The P2B/03-W features a Stainless Steel box with dark grey PVD treatment and an interface with copper highlights. This is the first SEVENFRIDAY to feature Super Luminova on the hour hand and on the 12 different hour indicators, making it easy to read the time in low light.


With an Asso type strap, the rustic, rugged look of the “WOODY” is resembles a hardened tool watch.

This watch is also the first model outside the V-series to feature the new NFC CP mechanism. The NFC mechanism is specially incorporated as a means to authenticate a SEVENFRIDAY from counterfeits. The P2B/03-W box is surrounded by an animation ring made from seven layers of wood. American walnut, beech and solid cherry timbers were cut, shaped, individually lacquered, layered and then bonded together by master craftsmen at Watschinger, an Italian luxury wood joiner with over 60 years crafting experience.

The SEVENFRIDAY P2B/03-W be with retailers in early December.

The M1/02 – UAEE



At the launch party of the newest SEVENFRIDAY boutique, located in Abu Dhabi, SEVENFRIDAY released the M1/02-UAEE. The watch has a number of different references that pay homage to the UAE culture and architecture. The M1/02-UAEE is limited to 71 pieces only. The number; a reference to the year 1971 in which the UAE gained their independence with late founder Sheikh Zayed.


The UAEE where it belongs, in the foreground of a picturesque Dubai Sail Hotel.


An excellent choice pairing of colours, with the hour, minutes and seconds disc in a sand like colour. The minute and hour disks of this watch are written in Hindu-Arabic while the seconds disk features images of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

The disk indicating the seconds of the watch is inspired by The Sheikh Zayed Mosque located in Abu Dhabi and features images of the Mosque’s famous domes. The minute and hour disks of this watch are written in Hindu-Arabic which is the main system for symbolic representation of numbers in the UAE.


The caseback of the UAEE, bearing the UAE national flag and the famous Al Jahili Fort, the oldest fort in the UAE located in Al Ain. And of course, a prancing horse to match the SEVENFRIDAY.

The caseback is engraved, firstly with the UAE flag in colour and secondly with the famous Al Jahili Fort, the oldest fort in the UAE located in Al Ain. This is the same fort the UAE president was born and raised in.

The P2B/03-W “WOODY” is priced at CHF 1,388 (approximately SGD 2000) before taxes and the M1/02 – UAEE at AED 6300 (approximately SGD 2400).


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