Grand Seiko GMT SGBM003

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I am quite fascinated by the world of the Grand Seiko. Here is a real atypical watch manufacturer. Hard core to the bone…and yet not manufacturing at the traditional heart of watchmaking in Switzerland.

Their superb factory and workshops, especially the Micro Artisans Studio in Shiojiri, where I visited some years ago, make wonderful products. Including the amazing Credor Eichi which I have featured in these pages before. I am still looking forward to finding an opportunity to photograph their Credor Sonnerie…another absolutely amazing watch from that studio. Shiojiri is also the place where they make the Spring Drive watches – innovative and superbly mesmerising in the way the second hand smoothly traverses the dial, in a totallly silent way. (no tick-tock). But that is the subject of another day’s post.

Today I focus on a mechanical wristwatch – automatic in the very traditional way. Made in the Seiko Factory in Morioka, this watch is constructed very beautifully. I have owned this piece for a number of years, and yet, every time I take it out to wear and examine, I feel a small jump, skip in my heart. I can feel that this was a product born out of passion.

Smallish by today’s standards, the case measures 39.5mm, and made in stainless steel. The hands are superbly polished to a sheen.

A closer look at the dial reveals the attention to care and detail showered on this watch:

The watch does not feature a display back…but carries this engraved medallion of the Seikosha lion at the back. I think its nicer than having an open back, don’t you think?


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