Grand Seiko ‘Alive in Time through the Five Senses’ Exhibition

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We visited the Grand Seiko Asia Pacific held the ‘Alive in Time through the Five Senses’ exhibition from 15 to 18 March at 72-13, and bring you this quick visit report.

Grand Seiko ‘Alive in Time through the Five Senses’ Exhibition

The exhibition was held over the March 15 to 18, and welcomed some 150 guests to an elaborate exhibition showcasing the brand’s history, craftsmahship, innovation, the art of watchmaking and Japanese culture and heritage. The show was an immersive journey designed to engage the five senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.

Right after the entrance hallway, we entered the reception area, and were warmly greeted.

Then we begin with exhibition proper with the Sight area.

This area introduced us to the movements that are the foundation of Grand Seiko’s timepieces – the 9S Mechanical movement, the 9R Spring Drive movement and the 9F Quartz movement. A demonstration of the assembly of the 9S was given by master watchmakers Satoshi Hiraga and Ikukiyo Komatsu.

Also on display is a block of quartz. Yes, Grand Seiko grow their own quartz crystals for use in the Spring Drive and Quartz movements. See our report of the manufacture for details.

We were also treated to an exhibition of the Kodo Constant-Force Tourbillon in the Sound area. The exhibit took us on an auditory journey on how the 340 parts of the movement is assembled and the sound of the 16 beat rhythm of Kodo drum – the heatbeat of Japan. This was in a darkened room with light effects.

In the Touch area, we were invited to explore the Grand Seiko watches on display. The setting was a meticulously crafted Zen garden.

This interactive space gave us the opportunity to try on and experience the watches.

And we were next treated to a Taste and Smell area, where a Japanese Hassun experience, curated by Master Chef Aeron of Kappou. The menu was interesting as it represents the passage of time and transition from Winter and how this unfolds into Spring.

 “This event marks a significant milestone for us; it is our first ever large-scale exhibition in the region, and a testament to Grand Seiko’s unwavering dedication to craftsmanship, innovation, and the art of watchmaking. Bringing “Alive in Time through the Five Senses” to this part of the world not only underscores our commitment to our enthusiasts and clients here but we are also thrilled to have provided an immersive experience that celebrates the intricate beauty of our timepieces and intimately connects with each individual’s five senses, inviting them to live in time with us. This event is a bridge between our storied past and our vision for the future, embodying our commitment to inspire and lead in the world of luxury watchmaking. “

Ms Ida Idris-Low, Managing Director of Grand Seiko Asia Pacific

This was an interesting exhibition and we look forward to more such events in the near future. Events like these serve to introduce and familiarise the brand to collectors.


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