Event: Bvlgari lights up with interactive Fireworks tree and tallest free standing Serpenti

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Bvlgari leads the traditional Christmas Lightup on Orchard Road, Singapore with two magnificent interactive installations – the Fireworks tree and the Serpenti. From now till 1 Jan 2020.

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Bvlgari interactive Fireworks Tree and tallest free standing Serpenti

This holiday season, Bvlgari celebrates dreams and glamour with larger-than-life holiday installations at ION Orchard. The Italian jeweller unveiled its tallest Fireworks Tree yet, towering at a remarkable 18.5 metres, programmed with an interactive digital mobile application – pioneering a world’s first. The holiday feature also introduced the world’s tallest free-standing Serpenti Necklace Light Structure, also at 18.5 metres tall, inspired by Bvlgari’s iconic Serpenti jewellery piece, in an ode to the brand’s distinguished heritage and dedicated craftsmanship. Both structures are complemented with an interactive digital application each, enabling members of the public to launch their own coloured effects onto the Fireworks Tree and Serpenti Necklace in spectacular fashion.

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The launch of these installations at ION Orchard is an introduction to Bvlgari’s Holiday Season campaign, Dream Maker, an imagery concept dedicated to dreams and celebrations, popping with lights and precious gemstone-inspired colours. Part of ION Orchard’s 10th Anniversary and YearEnd Holiday 2019 activity line-up, the light-up project by Bvlgari, supported by the Singapore Tourism Board, is also to celebrate the jeweller’s first anniversary with ION Orchard Mall since the opening of its new concept boutique in December last year.

The Fireworks Tree

The featured Fireworks Tree bursts with the glittering beauty of Bvlgari jewels, embodying the monumental passions of its home city Rome. The dazzling colours of the Tree’s 100 fireworks (created using an extraordinary 15-kilometre strip of 200K LED RGB Lights) illuminate the vision of Bvlgari as an unapologetically bold, unmistakably distinctive brand, and celebrate the glamour and exuberance of the Italian way of life. On top, an eight-pointed star shines to recall the original eight-pointed star in Condotti. This homage to the charisma and grandiose magnificence of the brand’s homeland took over 12 months of design and production work, making it the perfect crescendo to the magic of living life in full, electric colour.

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The Bvlgari Serpenti

This installation represents one of Bvlgari’s most iconic jewellery, the Serpenti necklace. A prominent emblem of Bvlgari since the 1940s, the Serpenti collection is an ode to the brand’s commitment to creativity and craftsmanship in jewellery making. Exquisite goldsmithing meets opulent jewels and precious metals throughout the constant evolution of Serpenti jewellery, producing supple, winding pieces from the flexible tubogas design to the intricate scaled leitmotif – a technique replicated on the Serpenti Necklace Light Structure itself. With 150,000 micro LED lights along the structure’s body and taking over 9 months in design and production, the Serpenti Necklace Light Structure radiates a daring spirit of excellence and sophistication, so much as for the wearer him- or her-self.

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Interactive installation

Both Fireworks Tree and Serpenti Necklace Light Structure are designed and programmed with a digital mobile application respectively, allowing the public to engage in an interactive experience with the installations. With a simple swipe on one’s own mobile device, members of the public can light up the Fireworks Tree and Serpenti Necklace Light Structure in the colours of their choice, through a series of pre-programmed lighting effects on the applications. The applications are free for download on both the App Store and Google Play, for iOS and Android users, from 8 November 2019.

Bvlgari’s Dream Maker Holiday Installations will be on display at ION Orchard, ION² from 8 November 2019 to 1 January 2020, 10am to 11pm daily. Members of the public can experience the interactivity of Bvlgari’s Fireworks Tree and Serpenti Light Structure by downloading the free apllication:

Scan this QR code to download the app from Apple Store or Google Play to interact with the installations.

Photography technical notes

The photographs on this page were photographed by our Chief Photographer using a Phase One XF IQ 150 digital camera with the Schneider Kreuznach 45mm f/4 Blue Line lens on a very sturdy Gitzo tripod and a Photoclam Multiflex geared head. The IQ 4 150 is a 150Mpx top of the line digital back capable of extremely high resolution. Review coming to our Chillout TGIF column soon.

An advanced and special technique of frame averaging was used to produce the images similar to long exposures but without the use of ND filters. The long exposure allows the scene to be photographed with what seems like a scene sans people, while the reality is that we photographed the installation after it was open already to public, and there were many people milling around. The camera’s Frame Averaging Tool automatically averages up to 1000 frames internally, and produces a very sharp, clear image. We used 50 to 100 frames for the exposures above.

While this technique is known and can be used with any camera, it becomes practically cumbersome when the photograph calls for 100 shots to be manipulated in Photoshop. The Phase One camera does this automatically, and produces a single file in real time.


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