Effortlessly seamless: Six watches with excellent value propositions that will fit into any watch collection

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We have often discussed about watches with an excellent value proposition. However, in today’s article, we are taking a step further. We are looking at well-priced timepieces that not only offer great value, but are able to fit seamlessly into any watch collection as well.

While these criteria are subjective, we reckon we can take a good shot at some of the timepieces that we reckon will fit the bill. Here are six watches that made it to the list.

Citizen Series 8 880 GMT

We have often waxed lyrical about Citizen’s timepiece, and the fairly new Series 8 880 GMT certainly gives us more reason to do so.

The Series 8 880 GMT is an extension of the incredible Series 8 collection, which is Citizen’s interpretation of a sports watch with an integrated bracelet. The execution is excellent, with a great design and finishing to match. The addition of the GMT complication certainly adds extra value to the watch, especially in terms of functionality.

Priced at S$2,322, the 41mm timepiece certainly offers a lot of value for what it is offering. We personally think that this is perhaps one of the best modestly-priced novelties of 2023, and it is a timepiece that definitely does not look out of place with other watches that has a five-figure price tag.

Hanhart 417 ES

Hanhart is a brand with a rich history, although in recent times it has yet to really catch the attention of the horological scene. The 417 ES, in our opinion, is a timepiece that has the ability to do so.

Based on the legendary chronograph that was used by the German Armed Forces in the 1950s, the 417 ES offers collectors a faithful reproduction with reliable and modern mechanics. The 42mm timepiece features all the original touches, such as the fluted bezel and classic typography on the dial.

The watch is notably powered by the humble and robust Sellita SW 510 M movement. This is a manual-winding movement, with an autonomy of around 58 hours. Overall, at a price point of S$2,600, we are hard pressed to find such a solid and good-looking piece that offers as much value as this – especially one that ticks all the right boxes with the enthusiasts.

Grand Seiko SBGW283 “Kishun”

At this point in time, Grand Seiko is perhaps a name that most collectors should be acquainted with. However, that does not mean that many collectors have taken the plunge yet. The Grand Seiko SBGW283 “Kishun” might just be that watch that will help change that.

This particular series of manual-winding Grand Seiko watches, with a 37mm case, is perhaps another favourite of ours. We love the simplicity of the timepiece, and for this model, it also allows the exquisite Kirazuri textured dial to shine. As Teddy pointed out, Grand Seiko is known to produce extraordinary dials, and the SBGW283 certainly allows the dial a brilliant platform to shine.

The SBGW283 “Kishun” is perhaps what most watch geeks will want in a timepiece. Simple timepiece, with great finishing, and an engaging manual-winding movement. It also works as a good dress watch, and at US$4,800 (approximately S$6,460), we dare say that this watch has the ability to punch its weight above some of the pricier timepieces with a lower five-digit price tag.

NOMOS Zürich Weltzeit

NOMOS is a brand that is highly regarded by us at Deployant, and we think that the brand certainly deserves a lot more recognition that it is currently receiving. The Zürich Weltzeit is an exemplary timepiece that proves our point effortlessly.

Known for its Bauhaus-inspired watches with a minimalist touch, the 39.9mm Zürich Weltzeit manages to incorporate the world time complication into a neat and legible package that is highly original. Beyond its elegant looks, the same can be said for its operation – the actuator at the 2 o’clock position allows the user to simply make the appropriate adjustments to indicate the time at the current city or time zone.

The nifty timepiece is fitted with the brand’s in-house Caliber 5201; it is an automatic movement featuring the NOMOS Swing System, with a power reserve of up to 40 hours. The finishing is decent, with the distinctive three-quarter plate, Glashütte ribbing and sunburst decoration. It retails at S$7,900, and we do think that this is a brilliant watch for a modern gentleman.

Kudoke 2

The last few years have seen the dramatic rise of independent watchmaking, and the development is something that excites us. One of such brands that had greatly benefitted is Kudoke, and the Kudoke 2 is certainly a timepiece that deserves the attention.

Launched in 2019, the Kudoke 2 is part of the HANDwerk collection. The collection was launched following the introduction of the brand’s Kaliber 1 movement, which was produced in collaboration with Habring². The 39mm watch is a time-only piece, with an additional 24-hour indicator that has been hand-engraved by an artisan in Glashütte. The movement, which we have mentioned earlier, is finished in gilt and also features an engraved balance cock.

The timepiece may be simple, but the execution is pretty incredible. The price point is also rather reasonable too, with the last known retail price being €8,665 (approximately S$12,585). The Kudoke 2 is a great example of what both German and independent watchmaking can offer, with a relatively reasonable price point that is almost unparalleled by today’s standard.

Frederique Constant Slimline Perpetual Calendar

Frederique Constant, in recent years, has been producing some rather incredible timepieces. The new Slimline Perpetual Calendar, with an openworked dial done in collaboration with Peter Speake-Marin, is yet another winner in our opinion (picture above courtesy of Frederique Constant).

The Slimline Perpetual Calendar has always been an impressive timepiece, considering how Frederique Constant has managed to keep its pricing modest despite the complication. This time, the Geneva-based manufacturer took a step further, with a magnificently executed openworked dial that features the great work of Peter Speake-Marin. It certainly brought a breath of fresh air to the collection, and one that exudes a sense of modernity to a complication that is often more restrained and traditional.

Priced at S$18,970, the 135-piece 42mm timepiece certainly offers tremendous value. Yes, it is still a five-figure watch, but for what it is worth, this is certainly a timepiece that offers a lot – and one that we reckon its competitors have no qualms charging several folds for.

Concluding Thoughts

This week’s selection saw a rather diverse range, in terms of pricing and complications. This, however, does not take away the fact that they have all met our criteria, and they are watches that many collectors can appreciate – no matter how expensive one’s collection may be.

We have also noted that there are a couple of watches on the list that have a five-figure price tag. While these watches are not typically considered to be modestly priced, we have made an exception as these watches certainly offer a lot more value than its price tag. These watches, in our opinion, will not look out of place especially when it is placed vis-à-vis other watches from highly celebrated brands.

We hope that you have enjoyed this week’s article. Do let us know your thoughts on our selection, and the watches that you think should have made it on the list.


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