Dear Santa: Robin Makes His Christmas Wishlist for 2023

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It is the time of the year again, and as with my other colleagues in Deployant, I will be sharing three timepieces that I would like to have in my collection as part of my Christmas Wishlist.

So, without any further ado, here are the watches that I have selected.

Dear Santa: Robin Makes His Christmas Wishlist for 2023

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Tribute Chronograph

The first watch on my list is perhaps one of my favourites novelties of 2023: Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Tribute Chronograph.

There is just something about Reversos with exposed movements. This particular variation, which took reference from the 1996 iteration, features a chronograph on the reverse side with an open-work dial that showcases the intricacies and beauty of the in-house Calibre 860. The fact that this model features the time indication on the reverse side (which is not available on the original 1996 iteration) makes the Reverso Tribute Chronograph an even more usable timepiece.

Priced at S$35,800, this is undoubtedly a timepiece that is worth a slight fortune. However, there is just something magical about this Reverso, and certainly one that blows many other variants out of the water (which, in my humble opinion, includes the Tourbillon). After all, many do agree that a chronograph is certainly one of the most complicated complications to create – and showcasing the business end in its full glory is surely the best way to pay tribute to this wonderful complication.

Vacheron Constantin Historiques 222

The Vacheron Constantin Historiques 222 is the second watch on my list.

The enchanting Historiques 222 ticks most of the boxes for me. It is sized at an agreeable 37mm, with a compelling (but rather simple) design, and stunning execution. It is also an almost faithful reproduction of the original, which means that the watch features all the charms of the 1970s timepiece, with better execution and reliability.

There may be many that will find the Historiques 222 to be a controversial piece, and I can see why. Some may prefer the original iteration, while others may have a thing or two to say about having a solid gold timepiece with a gold integrated bracelet. For me, the Historiques 222 is probably one of the best watches that came out of 2022, and it is one that made my heart skip a beat the first time I set my sights on the timepiece. This is certainly a gem.

The Vacheron Constantin Historiques 222 is priced at S$106,000.

MB&F Horological Machine 3

The last watch on my list is one that I have been in love with for the longest time, and a piece that has opened my eyes into the world of independent watchmaking. Cue the MB&F Horological Machine 3.

There have been many impressive watches by MB&F and other independent watchmaking brands over the last decade and a half, but none have really tugged my heartstrings like how the HM3 does. Perhaps this is what first love is all about. There is just something mesmerising about this timepiece, although many will also agree that it has its fair share of critics with its outrageous design.

The variation in the picture above is perhaps the model that I will go for, if I have the good fortune to own a HM3. This is a collaboration with the effervescent Stefan Sarpaneva, featuring a moon phase display with his signature moon phase motif. Stefan Sarpaneva is also one of the most intriguing independent watchmakers in the scene, and there is no better way than to have a HM3 that brings these two incredible personalities together.

Concluding Thoughts

While there are some differences in my Christmas Wishlist as compared to last year, I will say that the watches that I have selected in the past are still pretty much the timepieces that I would like to own sometime in the future – if I have the good fortune to have them.

My selection this year is pretty eclectic. It covers a wide genre of watches, from independent watch brands with outrageous design, to classics and horological icons. Each of them is beautiful in their own ways, but the thing in common is that all of them speak to me, somehow. For the regular collectors, some might have also seen a pattern in my preferences towards certain timepieces.

I hope that you have enjoyed this year’s installment of the Christmas Wishlist, and here’s wishing everyone a blessed Christmas and a wonderful new year ahead!


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