Cool and new: Franck Muller x ST Dupont Master Lighter

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New release from Franck Muller in collaboration with ST Dupont: a super cool concept of combining a pocket watch with a useful accessory.

Here is the Press Release of the Franck Muller x ST Dupont Master Lighter with commentary in italics.

Cool and new: Franck Muller x ST Dupont Master Lighter

The Franck Muller x ST Dupont Master Lighter retails between USD 56,500 and USD 65,300. Four models are offered, each limited to 88 pieces.


What a cool concept. A beautiful dual face pocket watch which is also a very useful accessory, especially for the smoker. Certainly not a novel concept, but one which we think has legs. Patek Philippe had a limited run of Golden Ellipse lighters in the 1980s, but these did not have watch movements.

A pocket watch which combines two items you always have with you is a nice idea. And teaming up with ST Dupont with their expertise in the lighter is a brilliant idea. The base lighter is a double flame model, which is then encased in a stainless steel and sapphire crystal body, and shares the same space as the watch movement. We assume the movement is a new caliber, though we have seen the movement being listed as Calibre FM 1740-LI-STD Skeleton, the FM release document does not state this and we are have our doubts. Firstly, the movement in the Master Lighter is a square form movement, while the two known variants of the caliber is round and tonneau (Cintree) shaped. But more importantly, the balance wheel of the Cal FM 1740 is placed at 7:30 relative to the crown at 3 o’clock, while the Master Lighter’s balance is at 6 relative to the crown at 3. Also power reserve of the FM 1740 is 7 days, while the Master Lighter has a power reserve of 3 days, though this could be a result of having to drive two time indicators.

We are not experts in lighters, but here is what Cigar Afficianado have to say their release commentary:

And when firing up, the Master Lighter will undoubtedly turn heads. Not only because of its looks, but from the noise it makes. Like many S.T. Dupont lighters, the Master Lighter makes a satisfying “ping” sound when you open the lid. After opening, a flick of the horizontal flint striker produces a twin soft flame for toasting the foot of your cigar. For fuel, the lighter runs on S.T. Dupont’s Red Gas Refill.

Cigar Afficianado, April 2024.

The lighter features two dials, on either side of the lighter – on one side is a typical FM lacquered dial. On the other side, the movement is visible with a second open worked dial. A long pinion powers the hands on both dials, a concept which similar to what is used on a JLC Reverso.

Of the four models released, the release only offers photographs of one model – the most expensive model which FM calls the Cour Dream variant, featuring the famous of the Franck Muller Colour Dream multi colour indices. priced at USD 63.5k. The base models are known as White and Blue. The Black version comes with luminous numerals. The release information does not state how the blue and black is achieved, and we hazard a guess that this is by pvd.

The pricing does seem to be quite steep, though for a dual faced pocket watch with a lighter.

Release details

United for the first time by a shared passion for art and innovation, Franck Muller and S.T. Dupont unveil the Master Lighter, a remarkable combination of Haute Horlogerie and the art of goldsmithing. This exceptional lighter, incorporating a skeleton watch with a power reserve, is the result of more than two years of development and marks a first in the history of both houses. This unique alliance blends Franck Muller’s watchmaking expertise with S.T. Dupont’s art goldsmithing.

The Master Lighter stands out for its skeleton movement, a signature feature of Franck Muller, cleverly combined with a lighter to reveal a double-sided watch. This creation, offering a three-day power reserve, is ingeniously integrated into the lighter’s mechanism, representing an exceptional technical achievement.

Adorned with central hands indicating the hours and minutes, the lighter’s front face features a sunburst and lacquered dial, manufactured in the pure tradition of Franck Muller dial making. The technical feat is that the hands’ axis traverses the lighter, passing through the center of the gas reservoir.

The opposite face of the lighter reveals the skeleton movement of the watch in all its splendor, illustrating Franck Muller’s mastery of watch complications, with a system allowing the central second display on this face. In a final refinement, a second dial with finishes identical to the front face is revealed behind the mechanical components of the skeleton movement.

Every detail of this masterpiece reflects the heritage and unique expertise of Franck Muller, combined with the goldsmithing mastery of S.T. Dupont. The Master Lighter thus represents the excellence of two houses, where two unique crafts find a new expression in this unique object, a true fusion of traditional craftsmanship and innovation.

Offered in a limited series of 88 units per shade, the Master Lighter collection consists of four exceptional lighters, adorned with the iconic numerals of Franck Muller, known for their distinctive shape. The White variant stands out with its silver dial featuring a sunburst pattern. The Blue model echoes Franck Muller’s signature blue. The Black version, more modern in appearance, is remarkable for its luminova-applied numerals. Finally, the Color Dream model features the brand’s colored numerals, complemented on the back by a skeleton movement in aluminum, specially crafted to highlight the vivid colors on the front of the lighter.


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