Chillout TGIFriday: Photo Assignment. Final list and winner!

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We challenged you to take out your cameras (or smartphones), your watches and #ShootYourWatches over this period where many of us are practicing social distancing and staying at home. Submissions to this photo assignment were accepted over email and on Instagram by using the hashtag. Here is the final of 3 short lists, and our selection for the win.

Part 1 covered a selection of photographs which were submitted to us by email.

Part 2 was a selection which tagged us and #ShootYourWatches on Instagram.

And now Part 3 comprise of a combination of both email and Instagram submissions. Without further ado, here are the selections:

John Deeb

John told us he is a professional photographer and watch collector. He submitted two images plus two further images of a behind the scenes on how he did it. I particularly like this image.

A very polished, professional image. No exif was given, but his photograph of his setup is as follows:

A DSLR is used, I am not sure what it is. And the lens used is a very specialized, and interesting lens made by Laowa. The lens has a long barrel, some 408mm in length, and a very small front element. Focal length is 24mm at a fixed aperture is f/14, and can go really close to the subject. Maximum magnification is 2X. The watch, a Rolex Deep Sea Sea Dweller sits on a shallow pool of water. And a pitcher of water is used to pour over the watch, as the camera takes the photograph. The lighting is by a studio strobe, the Broncolor Unilite, with a very powerful 3200 W/s output is needed to shoot at this small aperture. The strobe flash duration is also short enough to freeze the moving water, making it look like the watch is emerging from the depths.

Panu Kannisto

Next up, a very special set of ultra extreme photographs. Panu used a microscope, to shoot images at magnifications of 20x to near 500x. Creating a somewhat abstract landscape of the elements of the watch being photographed. He submitted many photographs, and we are getting his permission to guest post in a later Chillout TGIFriday with the full set. But for now, I have selected this amazing image of the crown which is laser engraved on the sapphire crystal of the Rolex Explorer 1.

Note the scale of 100 micro meters in blue. Interestingly, the dots which make up the pattern are not regular. Perhaps an effect of the laser burning a small spot off the sapphire crystal.

Daniel Terol García

Next a flat lay. An interesting concept, as Daniel wrote that he cannot wait to get back to the beach and stare at his Longines under the water. I think he captures the nostalgic mental scene quite nicely.

The Longines in a bowl of pebbles, and beach slippers complete the feeling he is trying to portray. He photographed it using his Canon EOS 6D with the EF 40mm f/2.8 STM lens. Light is from a window and a white iPad cover as a reflector.

Enrich Rangel

Enrich submitted the same set of two photographs by email and by Instagram. The photo was taken with the intent to show the Gorilla Fastback Orginal watch limited edition of 500 pieces, in high-tech materials (carbon fiber, ceramic, anodized aluminum and titanium) posing on piece of gear suggesting the American muscle car which inspired the design.

Gorilla Original – High-Tech Performance

The image was taken with his iPhone 7, with natural light.


From Instagram, @the_watchdelorian submitted several entries, but this is the one which caught my eye, for the clean look. Which reminds me Japan. Showcasing the Grand Seiko SBGA387, the photograph captures the essence of the magnificient dial, and his custom grain strap. I also like the juxtaposition of the watch over the Apple AirPods in the background. Lighting is very soft, creating soft shadows.


@watches_af also submitted several entries. All shot with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. This image caught my eye for the “time out” impression it gives. The Tudor with a rubber strap astride a cup of coffee gives off this vibe.

My pick

And my pick for the photograph which wins a watch branded souvenir (I will discuss options with the winner), is a toss up between the image submitted by Bruno Candeias, and this week’s John Deep’s.

Both capture not only the watch, but a feeling which tells the story. Bruno’s the action of grinding coffee, with the watch somewhat hidden behind his jumper sleeve, and John’s Rolex emerging from the deep.

So, why not give to both? Can Bruno and John please contact us by email to pick a souvenir, and to let us know where to send it to.

Thanks to all who participated. We got more than 400 entries, which we think is very good. And please do let us know if you would like to see more features like this, and if you would like to also see us do Photo Critiques.


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  1. Daniel Terol on

    Thanks so much for the mention! And congrats to the well deserved winners!!