Video: Corum talks to the watch specialist press

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As part of the preparations leading up to Corum’s 65th Anniversary this year, the marque got together with a group of elite journalists in their headquarters in La Chaux-du-Fonds in November 2019. A video production crew was present and captured some interesting moments which we share with you here.

The intent was to listen to the opinion leaders of the day, and to talk openly about the brand, and have a robust discussion on what Corum can do to reposition the brand, while capturing its essence from the historied past.

The Admiral’s Cup Legend 47 Worldtimer with its twelve-sided case and nautical pennants adorning the dial, one of the icons from Corum’s historied past.

We began with a presentation on the directions the new Corum will be taking, as it re-invents itself in all directions – product line, marketing, brand image and even business model. The discussion was rigorous, and animated. And it was interesting for us, as it showed to us a new style of brand management, where the brand listens, and takes into considerations the opinions of the thought leaders in the industry.

The Corum Golden Bridge is a magnificent Corum creation which began as a brainchild of Vincent Calabrese, but now the line is developed to be available in numerous styles.

We present you a short video, made by Corum, with the highlights of the events, which spread over several days.

And a special session where our Chief Editor speaks about his fascination with Corum.


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