Watchscapes: MB&F HM6 Final Edition

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The MB&F Horological Machine 6, which was launched in 2014 is now on the Final Edition. The latest and final version was unveiled in SIHH 2019, and features a stainless steel case (unusual for a MB&F HM).

MB&F HM6 FE. The Final Edition in Stainless Steel.

We have covered the watch in detail at launch, and later editions. Essential reading for background:

MB&F HM6 Hands-on review

MB&F HM6 SV the sapphire glass photo essay

One of the few MB&Fs to be made in a SS case, the HM6 FE is quite a looker.

For this article, we will not go through the hands-on review details, but just present the final edition in our usual high resolution photographs with annotations in the captions on the major differences between this HM6 Final Edition and the others. See also our Live from SIHH report on MB&F.

The tourbillon, in its own sapphire glass buble, and with a retractable cover made from metal blades. Shown in position open. Look under the original release for photos of the cover closed.

MB&F launched Horological Machine N°6 in November 2014, all biomorphic curves and brushed metal in its inaugural edition, known as Space Pirate first in titanium then in red gold. Just over a year later, at the beginning of 2016, HM6-SV (Sapphire Vision) followed, with the uppermost and lowest sections of the case in transparent sapphire crystal, sandwiching a centre segment of platinum or red gold. In 2017, HM6 Alien Nation made its debut, featuring a full sapphire-crystal case and an additional passenger load: six micro-sculptures of alien hominids.

And finally this Final Edition: HM6 FE: Stainless steel.

Horological Machine N°6 is the fourth Horological Machine by MB&F to receive an edition to formally mark the end of series production. Previously, HM2 (2008-2011), HM3 (2008-2015) and HM4 (2010-2013) also received Final Editions.

The caseback is equally gorgeous.

With the Final Edition of Legacy Machine N°1 (2011-2017), steel was established as the material that would distinguish future such editions, a choice that has been perpetuated in HM6 Final Edition.


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