Video: Unboxing the Bell & Ross BR03-92 Diver

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Did you know that the Bell & Ross BR03-92 Diver that was announced during Baselworld 2017 presents many “firsts” for the brand? Apart from being the very first square Diver watch from the brand, this is also the first time they are presenting a watch in a pelican case as the watch box. You will also get an additional velcro strap with this Diver, which means that you can easily adjust the length of the strap over your diving suit.

The BR03-92 Diver is ISO 6425 certified, and has met all of the international requirements to be able to be labeled as a “diving” watch. Apart from having a minimum water resistance of 100 meters, a diving watch should also have a time pre-selection device, which in the case of the BR03-92 Diver is a 60-minute calibrated uni-directional rotating bezel and it has proven to be very sturdy, to protect against accidental rotation or incorrect setting.

On the dial, the indices and hands must be legible at a distance of 25cm (9.8 inches) in the dark. As such, the lume that is applied on the vital components of the watch plays a huge part in providing safety to the diver. The BR03-92 Diver has also passed through a series of demanding tests on its spring bars to ensure that the spring bars are securely attached and its resistance to rust, magnetism, impacts, and thermal shocks.

We will let the video below tell you more!

Also, do stay tuned for our full written review coming up on 22nd June at 9.30pm (GMT+8).



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  1. Good plans as well as great components as well. One thing I’m certainly wanting to purchase this year. Leaves my heart wild, and must thing to purchase

  2. So many internet trolls.

    As viewers/readers, we’d really like to know practical things about the watch. It’s overall style, readability, how the bezel feels, how bright the lume is.

    In regards to the watch, this square diver is not visually appealing to the eye. Nor does it get more pleasing the longer I look at it. Dismal fail from Bell & Ross. Probably overpriced and using a Sellita moment too. Rubbish brand.

  3. Disaster. Why is she such an amateur? Slow down. Take your time. Look into the camera and not the camera man! Rubbish watch, equally rubbish presenter from super mediocre blog.

  4. Hey guys, thanks for comments, but I am afraid non-constructive comments are not helpful at all. We do appreciate constructive comments, and are thankful that we have received some via other channels. Like it would be good to have more closeups of the watch. Got that. That the presenter was hurried and nervous. Got that too. Please do cut us some slack there, this is our first ever video, and we have lots to learn. I would have loved to have Angelina Jolie do the presentation, and Steven Spielberg do the directing, and Morgan Freeman to do voice overs, with special effects by Industrial Light and Magic, but we all know that’s not gonna happen. What will happen is that as we continue to work with what we have, and with more experience, (and hopefully some encouragement from you), we will improve. I can guarantee that.

    Ad hominem attacks bring no benefit to Deployant, Chelsey (the presenter), Calvin (the videographer) or to the one making the comment. It makes the commenter look vindictive and spiteful. Why all the spite? After all its not a life changing or world changing video. Its just an unboxing video of a watch.

    Those who are seeking more details on the watch, please do look out for the full review next week. More closeup pictures will be available then…which was one of the reasons why we thought it will be nice for the video to be a teaser, and not show all.

    Thanks for participation.

  5. David serlui on

    Terrible video, great watch, actually watching the video became awkward as the presenter didn’t know where to look and rushed though the details ??

  6. This video was AWFUL! Tell your lousy cameraman to use close ups on the watch when talking about it. It helps! Duh!!!! The young woman is ok but not very good in it. Did she get the job by being the cameraman’s girlfriend?!