Vatiations on a theme: The amazing Urwerk UR-110ST

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I have shown the amazing Urwerk UR-110 ST before…I have a piece in titanium on loan from the factory (thanks Yacine, Felix, Martin). And I thought to do some partial macros to show the beautifully sculputured watch.

The watch is rather slim, as shown previously…see my SIHH report, but somehow Urwerk found enough space within the dial to create a 3 dimensional effect with the satelites.

Particularly so, when in the dark, the luminous nature of the paint on the markers just glow ever so brightly at different levels…

And flip over, the little turbines look like the watch is batting her eyelashes at you…melts the heart…:-)

More UR-110ST pictures to come in the following weeks. And I will put up a living with UR-110 report soon.


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