Throwback Sunday: Six Amazing Watches on a SGD 20,000 Budget

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Recently, we have been tasked with a budget of SGD 20,000 to get a new watch for ourselves. There are so many considerations when it comes to buying a watch and these are the watches that we have shortlisted.

The experience of buying a watch is magical. Perhaps it is your first time buying one, and you get the jitters thinking if you can justify spending that amount of money. Perhaps, it is your 10th or 100th time getting a new watch but that “NWA” (New Watch Alert) excitement never fades.

Once it is on your wrist, it feels like a trophy, one that you have earned with blood, sweat and tears. It is a trophy that you have carefully curated, curated in a way to fit you as an individual in the form of how you dress and your lifestyle. Watches, yes it may be an accessory, but it is also one that reflects your personality and taste.

Now here’s a list of 6 watches that we have curated for the budget of SGD 20,000. In no particular order.

Jaeger Le-Coultre Tribute Reverso Duoface Small Seconds

First up on our list is the Jaeger Le-Coultre Tribute Reverso Duoface Small Seconds in Steel. The Tribute Reverso Duo Face Steel retails at SGD 19,100 (inclusive of GST).

The Reverso Duo Face is a watch that brings a rich heritage while staying contemporary. The watch was conceptualised in the 1930s, the Reverso was originally designed for the British Army officers in India to play polo. A game so brutal that they often find their watch crystals smashed up after the game. The reversible case was meant to protect the dial from the mallet and other harsh elements of the game.

In the present day, the watch has grown into a gentleman’s dress watch. As a companion to take the edge off harsh words in the boardroom, more than an accessory for sport. The Reverso Duoface has two dials, as the name implies. On the front dial, a sunburst blue dial displays home time. On the verso dial, instead of having a metal plate on the back of the watch, it now shows a second time zone. This dial is in a silvered grey, Velvety Clous de Paris guilloché. The Clous de Paris guilloché on the Reverso Tribute Duoface is frappé on the dial with this motif. Basically, in a non-jargon term, the guilloché is machine stamped. We were a little surprised when we received confirmation from the manufacture of this, and a bit disappointed. We had expected, a maison of this caliber would make the dial in the traditional rose engine.

Nonetheless, despite the slightly disappointing truth, the watch continues to be a stunner and one that we definitely recommend for any discerning collectors.

Piaget Polo Date

Second on the list is The Piaget Polo. The Piaget Polo Date (on rubber strap) retails for SGD 18,600 (inclusive of GST).

The Piaget Polo is the epitome of Old Money for those in the know. The Piaget Polo was first introduced in 1979, designed by Yves Piaget as a sports luxury watch. The watch was christened as Polo after the horseback sport. The watch then was worn by exceptional figures including Ursula Andress, Roger Moore, Andy Warhol and Bjorn Borg. The watch oozes a singular character and an unmistakable aura of distinction that resonates with the Piaget spirit of shared joy, sophistication, and extravaganza. Some say, Yves took a leaf out of the Genta playbook, but we think the Polo is distinctive enough to stand on its own.

Moving forward to 2017, the maison have released the Polo Date. It still retains the essence of the watch with its sporty, dynamic and glamorous vibes. The Polo Date features a gorgeous guilloché dial. Behind the dial the 1110P manufacture movement.

Therefore, with the rich history of watch and movement making along with the association with the rich and glamorous; we won’t be surprised you get a nod of approval from individuals who identify themselves with old money.

Bell and Ross BRX5 Green Lum

Moving on from Maisons with rich polo history, we feature the avant-garde French watch manufacturer Bell and Ross. The Bell and Ross BR-X5 Green Lum retails at SGD 19,300 (inclusive of GST)

Though Bell and Ross did not have the rich history like the previous two maisons. They are known for their design, and synonymous for making very functional and readable wrist instruments. Our pick for this SGD 20,000 watch is the very bright (pun intended) BR-X5 Green Lum.

The watch features a LM3D case that is exclusive to Bell and Ross. The case is made up of quartz fibres and luminescent material is added to it to make it glow in the dark. Complimenting the very striking case, the watch is equipped with the BR-CAL.323. Manufacture movement which is made by Kenissi, a movement maker that is partly owned by Tudor.

With the above being said, the BR-X5 Green Lum is certainly quite a marvel and certainly a conversation starter. Especially in a dark environment. Good one for the club.

Glashütte Original PanoReserve

Moving on from the French, we decided to throw in some Deutsche flavour in our choice. Hailing from Glashütte, we present the Glashütte Original Panoreserve. The Glashutte Original (GO) PanoReserve retails at SGD 17,100 in a steel case and a deployant clasp.

The GO Panoreserve is a watch that departs from the conventional watches with its asymmetrical dial. The watch certainly reminds us of the A.Lange and Sohne Daymatic, with a very similar dial layout. Hour and minutes on a large sub-dial, overlapping with a smaller continuous seconds sub-dial placed on the left of the dial. A power reserve indicator and a large date (which GO calls panorama date) on the right side. But the GO styling is unmistakable, and certainly is an excellent choice. The movement is certainly no slouch. The  Calibre 65-01 is hand wound and finished quite as nicely as its more famous neighbour. And in steel, we think that the GO Panoreserve is an understated watch.


We decided to bring it up the notch with a little street fashion in our choice watches. This is when the provocative Japanese streetwear brand FR2 started to shag the avant grade Franck Muller. The result, the #FR2NCK MULLER Vanguard. It retails at SGD 16,800

Why can’t we have a little fun? The #FR2NCK MULLER Vanguard comes with a low profile monochromic colour way that is a slight departure from the colourful norm from Franck Muller. However, giving it a closer look on the dial, we noticed an NSFW (not safe for work) image of two rabbits getting on it doggy style. Fans of the street styling and of the FR2 brand have snapped up the entire release in double quick time. And patiently and highly anticipating if Franck Muller will release a second collaboration.

Bonus Feature: BA111OD Chapter 4.7 Onyx Tourbillon C. Lémanic and Chapter 6 Laura

Finally something a little different… Sometimes, it is better to share the excitement of the NWA with your significant other. Thus, we are including a pair of Ba111od watches as you could have both these watches and a candle light dinner without bursting the SGD 20,000 budget.

The BA111OD Chapter 4.7 Onyx Tourbillon C. Lémanic retails for USD 7,350 (including taxes, and SGD 9,660 at USD-SGD 1.36), and the Ba111od Chapter 6.6 Laura retails for USD 1,700 (including taxes, and SGD 2,303 at USD-SGD 1.36). Totalling just a bit below SGD 13k.

Ba111od is a brand that is not a stranger on Deployant. The reason that we picked the Chapter 4.7 Onyx Tourbillon C. Lémanic is a fairly simple one. Firstly, we love that the watch is fully made in Switzerland with the movement being made by the famed watchmaker Olivier Mory.

Secondly, the Chapter 4.7 Onyx Tourbillon C. Lémanic looks way more expensive than it should be. When handled, the watch feels solid. And equipped with tourbillion movement makes the watch punch above it’s weight. To compliment the Chapter 4.7 Tourbillion C. Lémanic, is the Ba111od Chapter 6.6 Laura. We saw the prototype during the Deployant X Ba111od event held earlier this year. What’s different from the initial release of the Chapter 6 is the beautiful diamond bezel along with the dark blue aventurine dial.

We agree that having both these watches barely hit the SGD 20,000 budget that we have set for ourselves but this will make our significant other happy. Now that’s priceless. Being able to give and make someone as happy as you would not only earn you some brownie points but it will also share the wins that you have.


Here it is! Our SGD 20,000 pick! They are the ones that captured out attention, though there are more watches in this realm and under this budget but as mentioned above, all watches that you choose would be your own curation which reflect your individual style.

Which other watches would you short list? Which one tickles your fancy? Tell us a little bit more in the comment section below!

*All watch prices are right at the time of publishing on 23rd June 2024


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