The perfect 6 watch collection – picked by Meta AI

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Last year, when the world was introduced to the fascinating world of generative artificial intelligence (“GenAI”), we played around with the tools and got ChatGPT to build a perfect six watch collection (and a separate one, solely with independent watchmakers).

One year on, we have also seen the release of other GenAI platforms with the likes of Gemini and Meta AI. We thought that this might just be a good opportunity for us to test GenAI again – albeit with a different platform – to select a perfect six watch collection. We have decided to go with Meta’s Meta AI – and here is what it has selected for us (with our own commentary, of course).

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

Meta AI’s response: A robust and functional diving watch with a rich history.

The first watch that Meta AI had selected was the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean.

The Planet Ocean is an extension of the highly popular Seamaster collection from the venerable watch manufacturer from Biel/Bienne. Launched in 2005, the Planet Ocean features a more contemporary aesthetics with bolder colours and typically larger case dimensions. It is also built more robustly, with water resistance of up to 600m in depth (as compared to the typical 300m that we have seen in most divers’ watches).

This is actually quite an interesting choice, as we thought that the standard Seamaster Diver 300 or Seamaster 300 would have been the more obvious choice for Meta AI. Nonetheless, we are happy to see the Planet Ocean getting some recognition, and it is certainly a great addition to any collection – especially if one is looking for a relatively more modern-looking timepiece. Prices of the base 39.5mm Planet Ocean begin at S$10,250.

Rolex Submariner

Meta AI’s response: An iconic luxury watch with a timeless design and exceptional quality.

There was no surprise here, we reckon. Rolex is one of the most well-known brands in the horological world, and the quality (as well as the popularity) of its timepieces mean that one of its timepieces is almost certain to make it onto the list.

Amongst the numerous excellent watches that the Geneva-based brand had produced, the Submariner is arguably the most iconic timepiece from the Geneva-based manufacturer. This is a highly versatile timepiece, with a built quality that is almost second to none. The design, as rightly pointed out by Meta AI, is also timeless – and one that we reckon will remain so in the decades to come.

If one is looking for a single timepiece to do it all, chances are the Submariner is perhaps the watch that will fit the bill. The 41mm Submariner (Reference 124060) is priced at S$13,350.

Breitling Navitimer

Meta AI’s response: A highly functional aviation watch with a unique chronograph feature.

Breitling has always been associated with the aviation world, and having the quintessential pilots’ watch – in the form of the Navitimer – is certainly a great addition to any watch collection.

Since its introduction in 1954, the Navitimer has been renowned for its signature tri-compax layout and the highly functional slide-rule. There are not many other watches that can boast such timeless design and functionality, which makes the Navitimer one of the cooler watches to own and wear – regardless of whether one is a pilot or otherwise.

Our pick from the collection is either the Reference 806 Re-Edition (priced at S$12,570) or the base B01 Chronograph 41 (priced at S$13,020). These two watches are excellent options, and more importantly, they represent the Navitimer collection beautifully.

Patek Phillippe Calatrava

Meta AI’s response: A sleek and elegant dress watch perfect for formal occasions.

We thought that the Nautilus might make an appearance again, but thankfully, Meta AI had something else in mind. Cue the Calatrava.

The Calatrava has a rich history, with its lineage tracing back to 1932. The collection is known for its clean and elegant dress watches, typically without any other complications. For many, the Calatrava is the epitome of a dress watch, although we reckon that there are some competitors out there that can potentially give Patek Philippe a run for its money. The lines are also slightly more blurred, with the introduction of the bolder Reference 6007. Nonetheless, the Calatrava is still a legendary timepiece, and its status in the industry is not just a matter of mere coincidence.

The latest iteration of the Calatrava, Reference 6119, features all the hallmarks of a classic Calatrava. The 39mm timepiece is a three-hand timepiece, with the Clous de Paris bezel and faceted applied indices. The finishing – including the movement – is exemplary as well. The Reference 6119 retails at S$46,500.

Tudor Black Bay

Meta AI’s response: A vintage-inspired diving watch with a stylish and affordable price tag.

Meta AI selected yet another tool watch – this time, in the form of the Tudor Black Bay (picture above courtesy of Tudor).

While Meta AI had tried to differentiate the three divers’ watches into distinctive categories, we do think that it might be a little overkill to have three similar watches within a six-watch collection (Meta AI categories the Planet Ocean as a “Divers’ Watch”, the Submariner as an “Iconic Luxury Watch”, and Black Bay as a “Vintage-Inspired Diving Watch”).

Regardless, this should not overshadow the qualities of the Tudor Black Bay. Since it entered into the market slightly more than a decade ago, the Black Bay has offered collectors well-made and stunning watches at a reasonable price point. The latest iteration of the Black Bay, featuring the “jubilee-style” bracelet, is priced at S$6,540.

Casio G-Shock

Meta AI’s response: A rugged and affordable utility watch for everyday wear.

Meta AI rounded up the selection with the ever-reliable Casio G-SHOCK.

While we will almost always prefer mechanical watches over the battery-operated counterparts, there are always exceptions. The Casio G-SHOCK is one such timepiece, with its robust construction and ability to withstand tough operating conditions. This is especially useful for collectors who are into outdoor activities and want to have a dependable timepiece to rely on.

The prices of G-SHOCK watches range from a couple of hundred dollars, to a few grand. Unless you are a fan of G-SHOCK (or a collector), we reckon the base models will easily do the job. After all, G-SHOCK watches are meant to be used heavily, and a basic sub-S$200 G-SHOCK should do the trick.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, we think that Meta AI had made a decent attempt in selecting six watches to form a perfect watch collection. Although it is a shame that half of the watches are divers’ watches (which translates to a lack of diversity), we believe that this was slightly better than ChatGPT’s attempt which was much more predictable.

Similar to the previous article, it will have been nice to see some of the more uncommon names. Then again, what do we know? Maybe Meta AI has an advantage in terms of analytics. Or maybe, our views may not be the same as the majority.

So, what are your thoughts on Meta AI’s selection? Do you share the same sentiments? Let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. Agree with your thoughts. Excellent watches but not a great collection due to the diver heavy focus.

  2. An AI generated recommendations on a matter of personal-taste.

    Not only is this kinda dumb, it actually goes against what thi should be about – what we love and adore, not what we are told to love.

  3. The black bay should be replaced by a field / tool / military watch – something like a Baltic, Hamilton or seiko alpinist – that category is woefully absent. Also, generally speaking the selection is HIGHLY theoretical and lacks nuance. The Patek is insanely expensive and in a single stroke makes this a somewhat “high end” six watch collectuon (inaccessible to most) . There are a plethora of outstanding dress watches – a tank or reverso would have done nicely, or even a presage.

  4. Tom Killianigan on

    It just seems kind of lazy.

    Either nix the Omega and switch up the Tudor to a Black Bay GMT, or drop the Tudor altogether.

    Drop the Navitimer for a sweet vintage piece.

  5. Replace the tutor with a gs snowflake or something along those lines and we are in a good spot.