The Lange Arkade: a watch fit for a Queen

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The Lange Arkade is an underated watch. The movement is beautiful…magnificent even. The case unique, the outsized date was an outrage when it was first introduced in 1994.

In many sense, this is an outstanding watch…with one small print…it is a ladies timepiece. The ladies watch market, sadly, is dominated with quartz watches, which feature more for design and the jewellery it carries than for the movement.

Though, since the Arkade hit the market, many other manufacturers also began offering ladies watches which have great movements within. Amongst them, Girard Perregaux, Glashutte Originale, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and even Patek Philippe.

The movement is without question to me, simply the best to be encased in a ladies watch

Lange even toyed with the idea of using the magnificent movement in a larger case…called the Grande Arkade targeted at the gentlemen…but found that the discerning customers who are looking at Lange as a potential purchase loathe a small movement in a large case syndrome…observe the ladies Arkade…the movement occupies almost the entire case…as seen here

Note this is the personal watch of my wife’s…and is well worn and loved. I intentionally photographed it as is, without additional cleaning to show how the watch wears the patina and daily knocks. Considering this specimen is almost 10 years old in 2012, and worn frequently, it is in rather good condition.


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  1. hi Peter, what a great write up on this beautiful watch. im on the similar taste note here and a lucky owner too but had neglected it as im not good handlng mechanical watch. im wondering if you have come across anyone looking to own this gem?