Store Visit: Malmaison by The Hour Glass

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Store Visit: Malmaison by The Hour Glass: Emporium Extronaire

The Malmaison by The Hour Glass is not quite new…in fact, it opened its doors just after SIH 2011…almost a year ago. But the store continues to amaze me. This is a veritable temple of luxury, conceived and created by Hour Glass’s intrepid Executive Director Michael Tay.

It holds many treasures…many many treasures. From wrist watches, where the company cut its proverbial teeth…here is the inner sanctum, where the high end brands reside…

To the incredibly interesting men’s store within the store:

Carrying a wide selection of high end men’s apparels…shoes from Pierre Corthay

Shirts and ties from Charvet and suits from Rubinacci:

And books…

Observe the copy of Modernist Cuisine, by the erstwhile Nathan Myhrvold and team…a superb testament to the taste and quality offered in this store. Ties by Charvet, and socks by Corthay also adorn the table.

And the leadin to the men’s store, stands guard an enormous Griffin:

To its right, the Rolex boutique, and to its left, the Patek Philippe mini-store.

Upstairs, bespoke perfume and artistic jewellery is offered:

And a small book corner, offering the best of art books

I spy a copy of my own book on the top left of the photograph. Indeed this is the only retail outlet for my book in the world.

Beautiful, magnificent store. Conceptually brilliant, and probably the first in the world to offer such refined works of artisans in one roof.

Photonote: This series of photographs is shot with my GH-2 while on-site to do a more elaborate photoshoot with the Leica S2. The Leica photographs will be released later as part of the Leica S2 Review…to be done in collaboration with ace photographer Christopher Lee…seen here peeking out from one corner behind the S2.



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