Spot the Watch: Leicester City Manager, Claudio Ranieri

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Firstly a big congratulations to Leicester City for winning the Premier League.  They started the season with odds of 5000/1 to win the title and against all expectations they have done it!  In honour of this fantastic achievement we are doing a special Spot the Watch on their manager Claudio Ranieri.

We have seen Mr Ranieri wearing watches before but haven’t taken a closer look until now.  It seems he quite likes Rolex.  The first model spotted on his wrist is a vintage Ref 1655 Explorer II.  The watch was originally designed for spelunkers, who needed to know whether it was say 4pm or 4am, when they were exploring deep caves with no natural light.  Italian collectors nicknamed this watch the “Freccione” for the orange arrowed 24 hr hand.   This works out quite well since Mr Ranieri is Italian. Maybe it can be given the nickname of the “Ranieri” in view of his fantastic accomplishment!

Claudio Ranieri vintage Rolex Explorer II

A vintage Rolex Explorer II Ref 1655 on the wrist of Claudio Ranieri. Picture (C) Goal

Vintage Explorer II

A vintage Rolex Explorer II Ref 1655, just like one on the wrist of Claudio Ranieri

The next watch spotted is from Jaeger LeCoultre.  It is the Memovox Tribute to Deep Sea.  This was produced in tribute to the original produced in 1959.  It was produced in two versions, the European and American versions.  Claudio Ranieri is wearing the European version which features a cleaner dial to the American version.  It would be interesting to know if he has ever used the alarm during a match.


Claudio wearing a Jaeger LeCoultre Memovox Tribute to Deep Sea European version. Picture (C)



The Jaeger LeCoultre Tribute to Memovox Deep Sea European version.

The final two watches spotted are both from Rolex and they are both Daytonas. Whether it is a vintage or a modern piece the Dayton exudes the cool factor. The chronograph would be useful for timing the two forty five minute halves.

The vintage Daytona that Claudio Ranieri owns appears to be a Ref 6263 with black bezel.

Claudio Ranieri vintage Rolex Daytona

Claudio Ranieri with a vintage Rolex Ref 6263 Daytona. Picture (C) The Sun.



Vintage Rolex 6263 Daytona. Picture (C) Sothebys

The other is a modern Ref 116520 with white dial.

Claudio Ranieri

Claudio Ranieri with a Rolex Ref 116520 white dial.  Picture (C) AFP


The Rolex Daytona Reference 116520.  Picture (C) Sotheby’s

With a £5 million bonus for guiding Leicester to the title, Claudio Ranieri may be shopping for some new timepieces soon.

That concludes this special Spot the Watch and congratulations  once again to Leicester City for a spectacular season!  What a story!


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