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Spot the Watch: What's on the wrist of Tony Stark aka Iron Man in Avengers: Infinity War?

Spot the Watch: Robert Downey Jr rocks a Greubel Forsey for the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War

by Nick Gould on April 25, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War had its red carpet premiere a few hours ago and Robert Downey Jr,  who plays Tony Stark aka Iron Man wore one uber cool timepiece from Greubel Forsey to rock on the red carpet.

He was rocking a Greubel Forsey GMT in red gold on his wrist.  This watch definitely fits the character he plays on screen and it is awesome to see Robert Downey Jr choosing timepieces, that are different in their style and technical aspects to wear in films and premieres.  You can easily spot the blue globe and tourbillon of the watch.  He also happens to be wearing Iron Man cuff links.

Robert Downey Jr Greubel Forsey GMT

Robert Downey Jr rocking a Greubel Forsey GMT on the red carpet for the premiere of Avengers Infinity War. Picture (C) Tumblr

The Greubel Forsey GMT in red gold photographed by Deployant below.   It is a timepiece that is instantly recognizable on the wrist due to its case shape and visible complications.

Greubel Forsey GMT

Greubel Forsey GMT in red gold.

He even showed off the watch on his Instagram account:

This Spot The Watch was unplanned for today, but when it features one of the biggest actors in the world and one bad ass timepiece, we like unexpected spots like this!

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