Spot the Watch: Mark Knopfler with a vintage Heuer Autavia “Siffert”

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Mark Knopfler is a guitar virtuoso and legendary lyricist.  He was a founder of the rock band Dire Straits.  He also happens to like watches.  Two of his personal timepieces were auctioned off for charity recently.   He usually wears a Omega Speedmaster and we have seen him from time to time wearing a different watch.  We noted a pretty cool vintage piece on his wrist recently.

Mr Knopfler was at a charity motorcycle event The Big Bike Charity Hike, with his good friend John Illsley, who was the bass player for Dire Straits.  What caught our attention was the timepiece on the wrist of Knopfler.  He was wearing a vintage Heuer Autavia “Siffert” Chronograph on mesh bracelet.

Mark Knopfler Heuer

Mark Knopfler with John Ilsley outside the East End Arms pub.. Mark Knoplfer is wearing a vintage Heuer Autavia “Siffert”. Picture (C) Steve Poole

The particular Autavia on Mark Knopfler’s wrist is nicknamed the”Siffert” after Swiss racing driver Jo Siffert, who wore the Autavia chronograph with white dial.

Pictured below is a very similar model of the watch found on the wrist of Mark Knopfler.

A vintage Heuer Autavia “Siffert”. Photo (C) Calibre 11

A closeup of the watch on the wrist.  You can clearly see the two chronograph pushers, the black Tachymeter bezel and the white dial with bi-compax black sub dials.

Mark Knopfler Heuer

Close up shot of the Heuer Autavia “Siffert on the wrist of Mark Knopfler!

Another shot of the watch on the wrist of the Sultan of Swing!

Mark Knopfler wearing his Heuer Autavia “Siffert”. Picture (C) Steve Poole

It is great to see Mark Knopfler wearing a mixture of both modern and vintage timepieces!


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