Spot The Watch: A Teddy Bear and a 1977 Austin Mini

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Who comes to mind when you think of a green British Leyland Mini 1000 and a brown teddy bear? You’ve guessed it – no, not the world’s greatest spy, but perhaps the world’s greatest comedian.

Despite living a modest lifestyle during his portrayal of Mr Bean, the man is estimated to be worth $130 million. And with great wealth comes impressive cars. Like a Mercedes SLS AMG or Rolls Royce Ghost – or even the über-rare McLaren F1. In fact, the 62-year old is an avid car-enthusiast with former racing experience. Rather notable. But, we’re not here to speculate on cars. Instead, we take a look at his watch collection: are they as equally impressive?

In this week’s episode of Spot The Watch, we pay homage to the legendary comedian, none other than  Rowan Atkinson.


Rowan Atkinson stars in the upcoming Johnny English Strikes Again, in which he rocks the IWC Pilot’s Mk XVIII. Picture credit:


The first and most recent watch spotted on his wrist is an IWC Pilot’s Mark XVIII “Le Petit Prince” (ref. IW327016). It is displayed prominently on Atkinson during a promotional shot of his upcoming movie – Johnny English Strikes Again. Also seen in the movie’s trailer, suggesting that the watch was worn during filming.


Close up of the IWC.


The timepiece dons a handsome blue dial which features the unmistakable pilot layout; clean and well-balanced. It comes accompanied on a stainless steel “jubilee” style bracelet. Sized at 40mm, the watch is a rather versatile one and good choice as an all-rounder.

In the previous Johnny English installment, the star was wearing a 45mm Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer. A large watch even by today’s standard, but Atkinson pulls it off nicely. The timepiece is most recognisable by its integrated lug design, pointy crown and side profile.


The Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer on Atkinson’s wrists during a scene in Johnny English Reborn. Picture credit: Movieclips on


The watch is distinct due to its lugs design and side profile. Picture credit: Movieclips on


Picture credit:


We spotted it during a cringe-inducing “fight” scene where the spy wrestled himself and gave a few hard jolts to the timepiece. We’re not certain whether the watch turned out fine, but nonetheless, nice to see it in action.

The next spot is another Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer. This time in a (slightly) smaller 41mm case size and equipped on a metal bracelet. This model has been discontinued as its not seen in the current Ulysse Nardin catalogue.


Picture credit:, admin


For our final spot, we have a treat for all fans of the man (and the 80s!): a original Casio Databank. The watch can be seen in several Mr Bean episodes as Atkinson goes about his daily jaunts.


Mr Bean in action, on his wrist a Casio Calculator Databank. Picture credit: Mr Bean


A current production Casio calculator watch. Its design remains mostly unchanged since its launch in 1984. Picture credit:


Originally launched in 1984, the Databank is considered by many as the precursor to smartwatches. It included a calculator feature and allowed users to store information such as contacts, addresses and names – a true technological marvel of its time. More advanced models even doubled-up as infrared remote for electrical appliances.

Despite being 34-years since its inception, the calculator watch is still in production with few changes made to its boxy design; not what you’d call a sexy timepiece. However, it was cheaper and more practical than its competitors which included Pulsar and Hewlett Packard.


That concludes this episode of Spot The Watch! Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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