Six watches as gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and it is common for lovers to show their appreciation for one another through various means – including getting gifts for their partner.

For someone whose partner is a watch enthusiast, it is always a pleasure for the other party to receive a timepiece. On the other hand, for those who are trying to get their partner into the rabbit hole of watch collecting, this is also a good time to influence their partner by getting them a new timepiece – for them to have a taste of this hobby of ours.

Six watches as gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

In this week’s article, we will be presenting six watches that we reckon are great Valentine’s Day gifts. These options will cover watches for both genders, across different price points. What have we selected? Let us find out!

For Her: Agelocer Silver Moon Automatic

We begin the article with a glittery piece: Agelocer Silver Moon Automatic.

The Silver Moon Automatic is a collaboration between China-based Agelocer, and a Swiss design studio named BUG ME GmbH. The end result is a beautiful 40mm watch, with a shimmering aventurine dial and a 3D-printed moon. Although the watch is strictly not a moon phase, it is still a poetic piece, especially with the large moon moving across the magnificent “starry” sky.

Priced at US$899 (approximately S$1,210), the Agelocer Silver Moon Automatic offers a spectacular timepiece with a very modest price tag. While it is not a known name, nor does it feature a proper moon phase complication, the Silver Moon Automatic is still a beautiful watch, and one that we reckon ladies will adore.

For Her: NOMOS Tetra “Petit Four”

One of the brands that have attained some traction in recent years is NOMOS, a small watch manufacturer that is based in Glashütte. The brand focuses on producing simple, Bauhaus-inspired pieces with superb in-house movements. And sometimes, quirky pieces as well.

The Tetra Petit Four for example of an interesting timepiece done right. The manual-winding timepiece is a novelty from Baselworld 2018, in which it features a 29.5mm square case and an in-house movement. It is finished decently, and it boasts a power reserve of around 43 hours. The main highlight lies in the dial colours, in which it offers four different variations: Pearl, Azure, Grenadine, and Matcha. These pastel colours are light, and they are definitely pleasing to the eye.

This is a great introductory piece, with attractive colours and a modest case size to boot. The watch is certainly a conversational piece, with an excellent in-house movement to match. Prices begin at S$2,950, and they will be aptly paired with a supple Shell Cordovan strap.

For Her: Cartier Tank Must de Cartier Monochrome Colours Large Model

When Cartier revisited the Tank Must de Cartier collection early last year, we were definitely intrigued. This particular series, which features three watches in bold, solid colours, is definitely one of the best-looking watches from the brand. And this is high praise, considering that most of Cartier’s watches are of a certain standard when it comes to styling.

Available in burgundy, blue, or green, the Tank Must de Cartier is a simple but evocative timepiece. We like how the watch is so minimalist, but yet it is instantly recognisable by many as a Cartier Tank. Talk about icons.

Our only gripe is that the watch is fitted with a quartz movement, which is a slight shame. However, Cartier Tanks are often more known for its design, and henceforth we can overlook this minor indiscretion for this particular piece. The watch is priced at S$3,950, and we feel that this is a piece that can easily capture any lady’s heart.

For Him: Tissot PRX Powermatic 80

The Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 is a timepiece that has been regularly featured by us since its inception in 2021, and it is not a surprise. After all, we reckon this is perhaps one of the best novelties in the scene last year.

The 40mm timepiece is one that ticks most of the right boxes. It features a great design, with a solid integrated bracelet, and a brilliant self-winding movement with an autonomy of 80 hours – all these at a price point of S$950. What more can you ask for?

Regardless if your partner is a watch enthusiast or otherwise, the PRX Powermatic 80 is surely a great piece that has a place in any watch collection. It is difficult to go wrong with this Tissot, and we certainly think that this is a superb timepiece for a gentleman.

For Him: Longines Heritage Silver Arrow

Longines, in the last few years, is another brand that has impressed us tremendously with a slew of well-priced and good looking watches. The Heritage Silver Arrow is one such timepiece.

Launched in early 2021, the Silver Arrow is a simple three-hand watch that was based on a historic piece that debuted in 1956. The 38.5mm watch is what you want in a dress watch – simple design, with the subtle details done right. We particularly love the smooth white/cream dial (which changes depending on the light condition), as well as the corrugated indices which add a different touch to this timepiece.

The movement used in the Heritage Silver Arrow is the Caliber L888. This self-winding movement is a staple in the Longines stable, boasting a decent power reserve of around 72 hours. It is a reliable movement for sure, which performs as and when it is required to do so.

At S$2,950, the Heritage Silver Arrow is another piece that offers tremendous value. This is a perfect timepiece for a partner whose wish list includes having an elegant yet modest dress watch in their watch collection.

For Him: Tutima Patria Admiral Blue SS

Finally, we have another favourite of ours. Cue the Tutima Patria Admiral Blue SS.

Positioned as a discreet and elegant gentleman’s watch, the 43mm Patria Admiral certainly ticks all the right boxes with its quality and stunning looks. This includes its steep curved lugs, applied blue cold enamel dial, as well as the beautiful in-house Caliber 617. Notably, the movement features all the typical German characteristics, such as the three-quarter plates, Glashütte ribbings, and an openworked balance cock. The rose gold hue also adds a nice touch to it.

The exquisite Patria Admiral Blue SS is priced at US$6,900 (approximately S$9,285). It is well-priced for what it offers, and we reckon this watch is a great addition to any collection especially considering what this watch has to offer.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope that you have enjoyed this week’s article. On such special occasions, it is always nice to give your special someone a nice gift, and a great timepiece is always a pleasant surprise – regardless if your partner is a watch enthusiast or otherwise.

Let us know what are your thoughts on our selection this week, as well as some of the watches that you have bought for your partner (or received from your partner) over the years, in the comments section below. Till the next article, ciao!


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