Hands-on review: The Rolex Submariner Ref. 124060 new for 2020

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The new Rolex Submariner is an improvement of the 2019 edition, with a larger case size and an upgraded movement. Lesser mentioned improvements include an anti-reflective crystal. The difference between the models are less discernible but becomes apparent when the 2 watches are side-by-side. 

Rolex Submariner (no date) Ref. 124060 – 2020 novelty

Retail price: S$ 10.880 with GST.

The Case and Dial

It is still the hardy sports watch loved throughout the world. Using the 904L based Oystersteel, the case is corrosion resistant and offers a better finish. The 1 mm size increase is hardly noticed, even for wearers of the previous 40mm model. In fact, the most noticeable difference is the Swiss Made signature at the 6 o’clock position. The new design fits a Rolex crown between the words which elongates the text.



A significant improvement is the anti-reflective coating on the crystal, which gets rid of the murky tint under direct light.


The new Submariner collection comes in a variety of metals and colors, with the green bezel model currently the most popular of the lot.

Overall, the case and dial has changed little, but the size increase may have a more practical effect in retaliation to counterfeit producers. The small change may require fake watch manufacturers to replace their moulds and machinery in order to copy the new model which will help keep fake models at bay for a bit.


The Movement – Caliber 3230

The new-generation Submariner and Submariner Date models are equipped respectively with calibre 3230 – unveiled in 2020 – and calibre 3235 (with date), self-winding mechanical movements entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex. Their architecture, manufacturing and innovative features make them singularly precise and reliable. They are fitted with the exclusive blue Parachrom hairspring that is up to 10 times more precise than a traditional hairspring in case of shocks. Both movements’ power reserve extends to approximately 70 hours. 


Concluding thoughts 

Well, it doesn’t really matter what anyone says about the Submariner. Everyone still wants one be it for a quick flip or for true utility. The watch is robust, time tested, and perfect for daily wear. Perhaps one downside is that it’s too widely counterfeited and is a robbery magnet. But then again, the negative effects of its astounding brand equity is still pale in comparison to the benefits of owning a Rolex today. The watch is priced at S$10,880 in Singapore with GST or US$8,100 in the US before taxes.



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  1. Rolex Singapore requires you to buy “several” Tudors in order to be allocated a submariner. Wonder if Rolex Geneva is aware of this shameful and unsavoury practice. Loyal customers have all been sold down the river.

  2. Unfortunately in Singapore you gotta buy a few Tudors to score a steel Rolex. Wonder if Geneva is aware of this shameful and regrettable practice by all the ADs. Rolex Singapore betrays its loyal customers. Time to look at other brands.

  3. Oh, great. Yet another review of a watch that’s unavailable and will continue to be unavailable and whose unavailability is manufactured by the manufacture with the collusion of authorized dealers, who use the manufactured scarcity to employ their own bait and switch scam.