New: RGM Model 25 Yellowstone National Park

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RGM celebrates Yellowstone National Park’s 150th Anniversary (1872-2022) with a new Model 25 with cloisonne enamelo dial.

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New: RGM Model 25 Yellowstone National Park

The Model 25 watches have an American-made case inspired by our larger Pennsylvania series watches. The case has ribbed sides, a beautifully contoured bezel, and is 40mm in diameter, with curved down lugs. The Model 25 fits most wrists very comfortably. The case was designed to highlight the dial with its large dial opening. The watch is priced at USD $13,900.

The art on the dial is inspired by WPA Poster Art of Yellowstone National Park. This year (2022) is the 150th Anniversary of America’s first National Park – Yellowstone.


RGM introduces new inspirations this time with a tribute to Yellowstone National Park. This special edition is made with many artisanal details from the cloisonne enamel dial to the engine turned minute markers and the fluted center case. It is very uniquely Made in America.

The art on the dial is inspired by WPA Poster Art of Yellowstone National Park. This year (2022) is the 150th Anniversary of America’s first National Park – Yellowstone.

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The Work Projects Administration (WPA) Poster Collection consists of 907 posters produced from 1936 to 1943 by various branches of the WPA. Of the 2,000 WPA posters known to exist, the Library of Congress’s collection of more than 900 is the largest. The posters were designed to publicize exhibits, community activities, theatrical productions, and health and educational programs in seventeen states and the District of Columbia, with the strongest representation from California, Illinois, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The results of one of the first U.S. Government programs to support the arts, the posters were added to the Library’s holdings in the 1940s.


The hand-made cloisonné dial with its dark brown chapter ring brings out beautiful warm earth tones in this unique rare craft watch.

Cloisonné (‘to partition’) is an enameling technique in which the outline of the design is formed by first adding compartments (“cloisons”  in French) to the metal object by applying silver or gold flat wires placed on their edges.  These remain visible in the finished piece, separating the different compartments of the enamel or inlays. Cloisonné is made with enamel powder made into a paste, which then needs to be fired in a kiln.

The flat gold or silver wire is often no thicker than a human hair, and is hand-bent, and shaped to the design required.  The cloisons give the image an appreciable level of detail, dimension, and beauty. The dial is created through a series of layering and firing. With a Cloisonné dial, the colored cells might be filled in and fired in the kiln five or more times before final finishing and polishing.

The movement used is a Swiss-made automatic, RGM Modified Caliber 1120 with a solid gold winding rotor, 23 jewels and beats at 28,800vph. The movement plates have geneve stripes and rhodium finish.

More about Yellowstone

Signed into law by President Ulysses S. Grant, America’s first national park was set aside to preserve and protect the scenery, cultural heritage, wildlife, geologic and ecological systems, and processes in their natural condition for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations.


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