Repost: Live from SIHH 2019: HYT

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This is a repost of our Live from SIHH coverage. First published on Jan 15, 11:56 PM SGT. The original post was lost in the system crash which caused a corruption of the server database.

From the liquid people, we have the novelties from HYT.

H20 Time is Fluid. HYT hammers home the message in a monoblock sculpture saying “time is fluid” visible through the crystal case side. The sculpture sits on top of a clous de Paris pattern.

Hand guilloche dial for the minutes. The hours are shown by the fluid.

2 editions. One in a pale yellow good and another in SS. Price is CHF 125,000 and CHF 115,000 respectively.

And a H0 with bling. Full of pace diamonds. On the hand, the look is amazing. One in black w black liquid and another in red. Here is the black version. 51mm.

HYT H0 Full diamondset

1206 diamonds. CHF 89,000. 48.8mm.

And an automotive inspired H10. With massive

3 versions. One in black w red liquid, black with green liquid a steel with blue liquid. CHF 49,000. 48.8mm.

And the H0 Time is Precious. The dial is a marquetry of monocrystal silicon.

LE 50 pcs CHF 49,000. Size 48.8mm.

Peter Chong, Live from SIHH


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