Repost: Live from SIHH 2019: Moser and Hautelence

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This is a repost of our Live from SIHH coverage. First published on Jan 15, 2019, 10:08 PM SGT. The original post was lost in the system crash which caused a corruption of the server database.

Moser first. Here are the highlights.

Swiss Alp Concept Watch. The most minimalist Minute Repeater with flying tourbillon with no hands. Hand setting is via a micrometer like scale on the crown. One full turn of the crown equates to 1 hour. To tell the time, use the Repeater. CHF 350,000 piece unique in platinum.

Actual plants growing on a watch? Moser created a real watch to symbolize their commitment.

A provocative piece – actual plants growing on a watch. Moser told us this is a piece unique, not for sale.

Strap is grass over rubber. 42mm steel case with plants growing on it. You will actually need to trim the plants. And water it twice a day. The watch is not for sale.

Moser Pioneer Tourbillon…intended for sporty use.

Moser Pioneer Tourbillon. A rugged tourbillon, in the Pioneer case. SS case, 42.8mm. Water resistant 120m. Blue fume dial.

Venturer Tourbillon Sapphire. Full sapphire case CHF 1,200,000. U inquest piece.

Hautlence Vegabonde Tourbillion. LE 10. CHF 79,000. 5N RG case with PVD Blue dial. Automatic, flying tourbillon.

Vegabonde 03. CHF 26,900.

Table Clock. New in house movement. Two cylinders. One showing the Hours another showing the minutes. A sphere with two parts displaying hours and minutes in 15 min increments. Mechanism within. Each half will rotate 450deg.

Peter Chong, Live from SIHH


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