Repost: Live from SIHH 2019: Hermès

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This is a repost of our Live from SIHH coverage. First published on Tue, Jan 15, 5:07 PM SGT. The original post was lost in the system crash which caused a corruption of the server database.

We begin the second day at Hermès.

Hermès de la Lune. A moonphase display watch where the focus is on the moon rather than the hour/minutes. Two moons are displayed, one from the southern hemisphere and another from the northern hemisphere.

Hermès L’heuer de la Lune

Two versions are available. One in an adventurine dial and another with a meteorite dial. Each edition is a LE of 100 pieces. CHF 26,000 for either edition.

Gallop a ladies collection designed with a young American designer. The idea is to make a feminine watch without using gemstones. But sensuous with shapes and design. For example, the numerals are not all the same, but become smaller as it ascends the dial. To create a sense of speed.

Hermès Gallop

Several versions. SS, SS with diamonds, RG, RG with diamonds. Price range from CHF 3,750.

Hermès Arceau 78

Arceau 78 is new. With a new finishing. Grained, textures dial in a brushed case. Quartz mvt. CHF 3,175.

Peter Chong, Live from SIHH


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