Portrait of a Legend: Philippe Dufour

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Spending a day with one of the legends of Independent watchmaking – The Grandmaster himself: Philippe Dufour is always such a great pleasure.

I count myself incredibly lucky to be able to own a Dufour Simplicity, and even more lucky to be able to call Philippe Dufour a good friend. So please pardon me for the delayed telecast of Friday’s post, as I just had to indulge my friend, and bring him to eat one of his favourite Singapore dishes – Bak Kut Teh.
Even Lengendary Grandmasters need to eat!

Holding court, with my two other friends: Veteran watch journalist Larry Wee, and Mr Logistics: Eddie Sng.

As a watch collecting group, wrist shots are very popular.There is a Facebook site called Wristshots by my good friends at Watchonista which receive hundreds of postings a day, and another by Russell Cheong called Foodie’s Watch which also very active. This would probably qualify as an ultimate wrist shot…
Dufour on Dufour

More portraits of the Grandmaster and others who attended the Hour Glass’ Grandmaster event held recently in Singapore….hint…Kari Voultilainen, Laurent Ferrier and Roger Smith in the works…akan datang (Malay for coming soon).


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