News: Patek Philippe has a new website and why you should visit it

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The new site showcases a thoroughly new face through a systematically user-friendly structure as a site that adapts to all devices including smartphones with increased content. was launched in 1997, a year after the start of the famous generations campaign and of the Patek Philippe magazine. Since then, it has been repeatedly revised and optimized, most recently in May 2012. On its 20th anniversary, it presents a complete redesign with Version 6, which went live on October 2, 2017 – as previously in nine language versions (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese).


Its motto: entertaining, comfortable, and rich in content. Its goal is to offer the best possible user experience in terms of navigability, even to smartphone users.

The underlying navigation system was simplified and now has three main menus: “Collection”, “Company”, “Retail & Service”.


As a new and important factor, Patek Philippe has introduced search filters that address the needs of three specific target groups: the basic filter for everyone who wants to get acquainted with the brand, the advanced filter for knowledgeable users, and the free search based on keywords. The design of the website was revised as well and presents itself with sleek, refined, and timeless looks that match the aesthetics principles of Patek Philippe.

The very comprehensive “Collections” menu provides access to a detailed overview of each of the more than 200 watch models of the current collection (now in Version 6 including price information) that are crafted in small series of a dozen watches up to editions of several hundred exemplars. The prices (in Swiss francs including VAT) apply exclusively to our Patek Philippe Salons in Geneva, Switzerland.

A new segment of the “Collection” menu also shows timepieces that have been enhanced with elaborate artisanal techniques (engraving, enameling, guilloching, gemsetting, wood marquetry, etc.). These so-called rare-handcrafts watches are customized, often one-of-a-kind timepieces.

More than 50 movements (base calibers and versions), all developed and crafted in the manufacture’s ateliers, can be explored in a further section of the “Collection” menu. The site’s content is rounded out under the “Company” menu, which links to corporate news, detailed information on the ten fundamental corporate values, the proud history since 1839, and the manufacture’s undisputed competence in domains such as manual finissage, minute repeaters, and rare handcrafts.

The “Retail & Service” menu is the gateway to portraits of the Patek Philippe Salons in Geneva, Paris, and London alongside a list of all authorized points of sale, distribution centers, and Service Centers around the world. It also provides useful pointers on how to maintain a precise and precious watch with a long service life that was built to be handed down from one generation to the next (service costs, Patek Philippe’s commitment, importance of servicing, restoration). Site visitors can sign up for a newsletter as well. As its predecessor, the new website also includes an area reserved exclusively for owners of Patek Philippe watches.

The new presents itself as a comprehensive resource for all Patek owners and enthusiasts and with the launch of Version 6, Patek Philippe is pursuing its quality philosophy as outlined in the Patek Philippe Seal – always in the service of excellence.


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