New: Swatch injects more colour into their Big Bold collection with the Planets line

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The Swatch love affair with all things galactic continues. Following on from the brand’s Space Collection launched recently, it’s time to think color, escape a binary black and white world and enter a bright and colorful universe of BIG BOLD PLANETS.

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The Swatch Big Bold has become one of our firm favourites in the truly inexpensive category of watches. The collection has matured to one which is rather innovative, with model variants which are very creative and hence very interesting. At the price point of the Swatch Big Bold, this becomes a playful alternative to more serious (and expensive!) watches. Afterall, for the price of a good bottle of wine and a steak, one gets a watch which is cute, playful, interesting and as a matter of fact, very nice.

So nice, we have reviewed several iterations:

Swatch Big Bold Second Home.

In this latest release, Swatch incorporates 4 brilliant new colours to the Big Bold, and calls it their Planets Collection. The collection not only features the familiar 47mm Big Bold watch in different colours, but also now with new interchangeable straps. Each watch is delivered with a strap attached to the watch, and a surprise strap. The straps can be interchanged by using the supplied tool.

New: Swatch Big Bold Planets

Product names: TOUCHDOWN (purple), SECOND HOME (blue), COME IN PEACE! (green), OOPS! (orange)

Price: SGD208 each. Available in stores from 2 Sep. Online from 7 Sep.

Time is what you make of it, and when people think and experience life in color, every day is an adventure to discover something new and see people in different ways. Space has long ignited pop culture’s imagination, and Swatch draws upon outer space as inspiration for its series of brightly colored BIG BOLD PLANETS watches with a unique feature: interchangeable straps.

Swatch Big Bold Touchdown.

Pops of purple, green, orange and light blue detailing play off against a matte black watch strap and bezel, while the 47mm watch case and clear dial come with a multicolored print.

Swatch Big Bold OOPS!

Each BIG BOLD PLANET model comes with a second strap for an extra surprise and, thanks to the tool kit provided in the packaging, allows a quick strap switch for a fresh new look in a matter of seconds. Swatch applied an intriguing, encrypted language to the watch strap and packaging, leaving the interpretation of the true intention up to the wearer.

Swatch Big Bold Come in Peace!

More information and to order, CLICK HERE: Swatch Big Bold Planets Page.


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