New: Seiko Presage Arita Porcelain SPB267J1

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Seiko introduces into the Presage collection a new creation with a dial made of Arita Porcelain. The dial captures the faint lapis lazuli color, rich texture and depth of traditional Arita ware from Kyushu, Japan. Limited edition in steel case. 2000 pieces.

Editorial commentary based on Press Release.

New: Seiko Presage Arita Porcelain SPB267J1

Retail price for the Seiko Presage Arita Porcelain SPB267J1 in Europe is EUR 1,950 before taxes. This price is the same as the SPB093 white Arita Porcelain dialed version.

Seiko releases a new model to add to their Presage line with Arita porcelain dials with the new SPB2671J. Earlier iterations with Arita Porcelain dials have been exceptionally well received by collectors worldwide. We reviewed the Presage Arita in detail here. In the 2019 release, two models were announced. One a simpler hour, minute and central seconds watch with date and automatic winding. And the other with the addition of a power reserve indicator. These were designated as SPB095 and SPB093 respectively, and carried a very modest price tag of €1,950 (SPB093) / €1,750 (SPB095). The new model is a carry over from the SBP093, with the more complicated Cal. 6R27 movement with date and power reserve self winding movement. The only difference is that the new SPB268J1’s Arita porcelain dial carries a light blue tint, whereas the original release SPB093 is pure white.

This special dial is made by an experienced manufacturer in Arita that has been making porcelain since 1830. Hiroyuki Hashiguchi is the master craftsman and he and his colleagues have been developing the dials with the Presage team.

The special dial recreates the faint lapis lazuli colors created by a traditional dyeing technique called “ruri zome.” This technique is applied to representative Arita Porcelain works, such as the large tripod dishes from Kyushu decorated with heron designs. The dial capturing the ruri zome technique’s soft, light tones and shades create a pleasing effect on the wrist.

The Cal 6R27 is retained. This is a robust movement, which has proven its worth in many Seiko watches. The movement is typically finished to good engineering standards, and naturally does not offer the last word in finishing from Seiko which is reserved for Grand Seiko marked watches, nor at the level of artisanal independents offered as Micro Artist Studio watches branded Grand Seiko or Credor. But the Cal 6R is an excellent robust movement. The 6R27 is based off the ebauche of the 6R15, which is viewed by most as the Japanese answer to the ubiquitous and reliable workhorse of the ETA 2824.

The watch maintains the case diameter at 40.6 mm in diameter and 14.1 mm thickness. It is water resistant to 10 bar and anti-magnetic to 4,800 A/m. The 14.1mm dimension seem rather thick for a dress watch, but is par for the course for porcelain or enamel dials, as the case height needs to cater for the thickness of the dial.

We look forward to checking out the Seiko Presage Arita Porcelain SPB267J1 in person soon, and to photograph it, and will revert with a hands-on session when we do. The watch is expected to be available in stores from Jan 2022.


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