New Releases: Sinn presents four new instrumental watches for Baselworld 2018

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Sinn presents four new instrumental watches that are timeless and classic.

Sinn 103 Sa B E

The iconic and incomparable Sinn classic.

The Sinn 103 Sa B E is clearly reminiscent of historical pilot watches with its luminous ivory-coloured coating on the hands, numerals and indices. An effect that is further emphasised by classic blue, the 103 Sa B E is the first Sinn that uses blue for both the dial with sunburst decoration and for the anodised aluminium pilot’s bezel. It also gives the pilot chronograph a modern feel, without detracting from the functional character of the watch.

Another special feature is the high-quality crystal. The profile of the highly curved sapphire crystal glass is similar to traditional acrylic glass. This sapphire crystal glass is ground out from an approximately 5 mm solid blank with five different curvature radii, and carefully polished. The grinding tools required to produce it have been made especially. The result of this complex process not only preserves the classic look of the glass, it also makes it highly resilient.

The 103 Sa B E is limited to 500 pieces, which is documented by the ‘Eine von 500’ (one of 500) engraving on the rotor. Naturally, the watch offers high-tech features typical of a SINN watch. For example, resistance to low pressure and pressure resistance up to 20 bar.

Sinn 836

The instrumental watch with Magnetic Field Protection.

The 836 perfectly combines instrumental functional robustness with sporty, practical design aesthetics. Equipped with hour, minute, second and date displays, this timepiece focuses on the essentials, boasts perfect readability and is extremely comfortable to wear thanks to a height of 10.6 mm.

Indices, hour and minute hands coated in luminous white ensure optimum readability even in the dark. The 836 is equipped with TEGIMENT Technology and Magnetic Field Protection. It is also pressure-resistant to 10 bar and resistant to low pressure.

A clear asthetic design, combined with creative details, creates a practical and sporty watch. These include the skeletonised hour and minute hands, which are coated in rhodium and are matt-brushed to create the finest silvery gleam. The resulting light reflections are highly consistent with those of the polished glass rim of the satinised stainless-steel case. In contrast, the extended seconds hand gleams in red. The 836 shares many of these details with the 936 chronograph, which is characterised by its bicompax arrangement of the counters.

Sinn 936

The chronograph with 60-second scale for the stopwatch minute.

An elegant instrument: at first glance it is clear what characterises this chronograph with bicompax arrangement of the counters.

The chronograph 936 is a reliable time measurement instrument equipped with TEGIMENT Technology and Magnetic Field Protection. The dial is designed to greatly increase clarity and readability. The chronograph movement SZ05 was redesigned in house and focuses on the stopwatch minute display with 60-second scale at 3 o’clock and running seconds at 9 o’clock. The advantage of this is that it does away with the necessity of adding stopwatch minutes, as is required with conventional 30-second stopwatch minute displays. Optimum readability is also ensured in the dark, as the indices, hour and minute hands are coated in luminous white. Furthermore, the 936 is pressure-resistant up to 10 bar and resistant to low pressure.

The 936 also boasts clear design aesthetics expressed through elegant details such as the skeletonised hour and minute hands – both of which are rhodium coated and matt brushed. The counter rings for the stopwatch minutes and seconds have an iridescent effect, caused by a fine central groove.

Sinn 910 SRS

The ratchet wheel chronograph with flyback function.

The 910 SRS is a stylish watch characterised by sophisticated horological details. For example, the stopwatch also features a flyback chronograph function, which allows the chronograph’s hand to be stopped, reset to zero, and restarted by pushing the reset button at 4 o’clock. The continuous stop-seconds hand in particular can be reset to zero with the single push of a button and instantly restarted without losing time. The advantage of this is accurate time measurement down to the last second of consecutive time intervals. Another term for flyback is ‘reset in flight’.

The time on this watch is stopped by a traditional ratchet wheel chronograph. The ratchet wheel chronograph is a complication of sophisticated craftsmanship, with a tradition dating back to the mid 1900s when the ratchet wheel control mechanism was a key component in traditional chronographs. Such a complication is extremely complex to produce and requires the utmost care and precision in assembly. Since the ratchet wheel controls the start, stop and reset functions, it is subject to high levels of stress. The highest possible resistance to wear and tear is required in order to make full use of the benefits, for example an easy-to-operate push-piece.

Attached appliqués and polished, shiny chamfers on the counter rings, which correspond harmoniously with the polished glass rim, underline the high-quality aesthetics of this timepiece. The 910 SRS also features a fine, exquisitely decorated movement, which can be admired through the transparent back made of sapphire crystal glass.


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