New Release: Hublot introduces its first smart watch – and other Big Bang novelties at Baselworld 2018

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Hublot Loves Football – Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP RUSSIA™

Hublot and Football are connected – 2018 means the FIFA World Cup. For its 3rd participation as a Branded Licensee, Hublot has created a watch that all football and Hublot fans have been waiting for! A smart watch that will instantly connect you to every decisive second of the matches being played. A much-anticipated innovation that could not have been imagined by any other watch brand, given the extent to which Hublot and football are as one.

It was a specific need expressed by FIFA, and Hublot brought it to life. Wanting a customized watch for the referees, FIFA asked Hublot to conceive the perfect watch to accompany them on the pitches during the matches. Hublot designed the first connected watch for the footballing universe. The watch has all the attributes to the iconic Big Bang; its emblematic architecture cut out of the lightness of titanium, its bezel decorated with 6 H-shaped screws. Even the display on its analogue mode dial could pass for the same aesthetic as that of the automatic models. The unique, limited to only 2018 pieces watch comes in a 49mm case, and the motor is driven by technology connected to digital intelligence.

Big Bang Unico 42mm

The undeniable success of the Big Bang Unico has now been redesigned on a smaller scale. Introducing the 42mm Big Bang Unico, this watch is an excellent choice for gentlemen looking to downsize and for ladies’ wrists.

In 2010, Hublot launched the Unico chronograph, its new manufacture movement, which was fitted in the iconic Big Bang model in 2013. Fully designed, developed, machined and assembled in-house, this chronograph movement went under the endearing codename of calibre Unico HUB 1242.

A one of a kind in the industry, the flyback chronograph, which can be reset at any time, is prominent because of its double clutch mechanism and column wheel. 5 years on, the watchmakers from the Nyon manufacture have reworked the structure to offer us an all new Unico movement that is slimmer, giving it perfect dimensions for the 42-mm case of the new Big Bang – the calibre HUB1280. Just like its big brother, the double clutch mechanism and column can be seen from the dial side, however, the platform escapement was removed and replaced with a new, flatter, self-winding system. The new calibre has been entirely redesigned to facilitate its assembly and to improve the wearer’s view of its operation through its dial and its windowed back cover. Technical innovations including an oscillating seconds clutch and an adjustable ball-bearing chronograph friction system has been filed for patents. The new calibre is also seen having 43 rubies compared to 38 in the previous model.

The addition of this new manufacture chronograph movement enables Hublot to offer its Big Bang flagship model in a new 42mm version; which makes the watch an unisex piece. The Big Bang Unico 42mm is available in Titanium, Ceramic and King Gold finish.

Big Bang Sapphire Tourbillon

When it comes to colouring and shaping its sapphire cases, Hublot is already a pioneer. This year, Hublot is taking the mastery of sapphire crystal, an ultra-resistant material, to the next level. The Hublot in-house skeleton tourbillon movement is laid bare, held by a strip cut in sapphire!

The new Big Bang Sapphire Tourbillon’s case, dial, strap and tourbillon movement are completely transparent. The crystalline connections disappear to reveal the skeleton mechanics of the tourbillon, for which the cage is held in place by a strip cut from sapphire. When it comes to the usage of sapphire crystal in watchmaking, Hublot takes the place for innovation and research.

Sapphire is the hardest and most durable material after diamond. For the first time, its skeleton movement and see-through connections are revealed through ‘invisibility’, where only a few metallic gears sketch out the contours. The sapphire middle, bezel and the back of the case reveal crystal mechanics that seem to float. The dial and its numbers, index and power reserve indicator are all opalescent and flown over by perforated hands.

Available in 99-edition, the manufacture tourbillon represents a breakthrough in the technical and aesthetic use of sapphire. The new Hublot Big Bang Sapphire Tourbillon represents the Art of Fusion between clarity and purity.


Big Bang MP-11

The alchemist of high-tech materials, Hublot presents its new Big Bang MP-11 in 3D carbon. The ultra-light material has been reinforced with three-dimensional fibre woven resin, shaped into a case inspired by a race engine. Equipped with 7 series-coupled barrels providing 2 weeks of autonomy, this mechanical architecture reveals the in-line cylinders within a 3D case with sides in smoking black.

The new Big Bang MP-11, streamlined in 3D carbon offers a spectacular view of the 7 series-coupled barrels and the in-line power reserve indicator. . The multi-cylindrical construction, which has been positioned on a horizontal axis, guarantees autonomy for an astounding two weeks. The hour and minute display is driven by a vertical geartrain, which posed an additional challenge for the designers. The force of the barrels is tilted on a perpendicular plane by a transmission system very rarely employed in watchmaking: a 90-degree helical worm gear. Another unique feature of this innovative calibre, the balance is transposed to the dial side to create symmetry with the helical gear. Vibrating at 4 Hz, it also features a newly patented index-assembly system.

The “All Black” Big Bang has been created from a polymer matrix composite reinforced by three-dimensional weave. The lightness and resistance is exceptional – with the inclusion of bracelet, the watch only weighs 90 grams. The three-dimensional structure of the carbon creates unique facets and reflections. The 45mm openwork case reveals the engine inspired architecture.

Echoing the mechanical design, the crown and lined white rubber strap reflect the helical structure of worm gear. This new manufacture movement, with its exceptional autonomy, can be wound by hand using the large fluted crown or an electric Torx stylus, inspired by the world of motor racing.

The absolute transparency of the new Big Bang MP-11, limited to 200 examples, is juxtaposed with its chromatic backside, shaped from transparent sapphire crystal. Hublot is taking the crystalline case to new heights by endowing it with curves that follow the contour of the movement’s cylinders. As remarkable as the engine it contains the sapphire crystal case bulges to create a loupe effect over the power reserve indicator. It is a true display of engineering prowess as sapphire crystal is extremely challenging to machine.


Classic Fusion Chronograph Berluti Scritto

The Classic Fusion Berluti chronograph fuses the vibrant colour of Burgundy red with King Gold and the depth of ocean blue with titanium.

Berluti’s bespoke expertise in leather and Hublot’s mastery of metals are endless. The two bold houses collaborates once again to define trends without betraying the rules of elegance, assert their influence on men’s fashion with originality and personality.

Big Bang One Click Sapphire

The elegant, modern and irresistible Big Bang One Click Sapphire is a woman’s best friend!

For more than 10 years, the Big Bang One Click 39mm has been revealing multiple facets of its personality – from denim t linen, understated colours to Pop Art, St. Gallen Bischoff embroidery to Orylag® fur, its versatility is beyond doubt. But today, the multifaceted character is completely stripped down.

Beautifully simple with no false modesty, the transparent piece bares both its soul – its unabashed free spirit – with the HUB1710 manufacture automatic movement at its heart without reservation. The strength of its character is illustrated by the resilience and hardness of the sapphire stone. Its lines are cut to enhance the transparency and brilliance of a material that can only be worked using diamond. Demonstrating expertise in engineering and chemistry, Hublot has developed a costly, painstaking process which enables it to create very large transparent sapphires and boating an uniform colour.

The 39mm case takes on the shades of sapphire, and is also available in pink and sky-blue hues. The bezel, set with 42 diamonds, dazzles with the brilliance of one carat of precious stones. The strap matching perfectly presents a striking unity of colour. The patented “One Click” attachment system, combines the extreme resilience of sapphire, and its magnetic beauty, with an interchangeable strap.


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