New Release: Greubel Forsey announces four new variations of leading creations for Baselworld 2018

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Four new Opuses: This year at Basel, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey are delighted to present four new variations of their leading creations.

Quadruple Tourbillon Blue

The flagship Quadruple Tourbillon that showcases the second Fundamental Invention is today presented with a new three-dimensional black-polished dial.

For this timepiece Greubel Forsey pushes the limits of Applied Art by presenting, for the first time ever, a black-polished dial. This hand-made finish of polished perfection has on this occasion been applied to an unusually large surface, covering the entire surface of the dial. When reflecting direct light we see a blue of a depth. This technical challenge involved calling into question conventional methods to find solutions that could give rise to such an extraordinary result.

Technically, the four tourbillons offer a spectacle of astonishing elegance as they perform an ethereal, perfectly choreographed ballet. Each connected to a spherical differential, they contribute independently to obtaining a precise and reliable timing rate, especially in stable positions.

The spherical differential transmits the average timing rate of the four tourbillons, thus improving the chronometric performance of all the regulating organs. In view of the impressive number of individual elements making up the movement, the case has been sculpted with asymmetrical forms. An asymmetry that forms an aesthetic reflection of the asynchronous dynamic of the four tourbillons.

Quadruple Tourbillon Black

This timepiece that showcases the second Fundamental Invention is today presented with a case made of titanium, a material that reduces the weight of the timepiece and thus ensures greater comfort. Entirely covered with a black ADLC treatment that makes it more resistant to scratches, this timepiece has a powerful visual impact from the very first glance.

For this Timepiece, Greubel Forsey presents a rare view of the barrel-polished tourbillon cage, showing this minuscule piece as a paragon of meticulous work with no hint of even the slightest imperfection.

Tourbillon 24 Secondes Vision Enamel

This timepiece, which includes the third Fundamental Invention, was born of a very precise wish to showcase a creation of absolute classicism in its purity of line, yet one which simultaneously exudes an incredible timelessness. The sober appearance of the dial and the case with its proportions of maximum refinement enhance a movement of supreme sophistication.

For this timepiece, Greubel Forsey presents, for the first time ever, a Grand Feu enamel dial. A hand-made model of skillful craftsmanship, and the product of a delicate treatment that enhances its immaculate whiteness, the dial envelopes the whole timepiece in a magnificent aura of luminosity. In addition, the barrel-polishing of the three-dimensional surfaces of the tourbillon’s arched bridges is taken to the very limit, revealing the famous black polish. The sapphire dome on the back of the timepiece captures luminosity and channels it into the interior, allowing the tourbillon to be viewed through a veritable stream of light.

Technically, the Tourbillon 24 Secondes Vision Enamel uses a fast rotation speed and inclined angle to solve the problem of the critical positions of the oscillator in relation to gravity. The 25° angle and the rapid revolution of the tourbillon cage significantly improve the chronometric performance of a system containing only one tourbillon, especially in stable positions.

Double Tourbillon Technique Blue

The Double Tourbillon Technique Blue highlights the first Fundamental Invention. Integrated into the complex three-dimensional movement architecture, the sapphire crystal chapter-ring is transformed into a window through which to observe a miniature world of constant movement in which all the elements are intertwined, catching our eye from one gear-wheel to the next.

For this timepiece, the challenge for Greubel Forsey was to preserve the homogeneity of the remarkable blue finish despite the apparent complexity of the movement architecture with the forms of the plates and bridges, and their shadows. The immersion is such that it almost resembles an abyss. In addition, the tourbillon bridges showcase a perfect Greubel Forsey black-polish.

Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey have created a magnificently transparent timepiece where each and every element is enhanced and displayed without overshadowing others. The famous Double Tourbillon 30°, accompanied by four coaxial barrels, provides a chronometric power reserve of 120 hours. It contains an innovative spherical differential system for the power reserve display.

This timepiece is a perfect illustration of movement architecture, with watchmaking craftsmanship and decorative arts working together in perfect harmony.


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