New Release: Bomberg Defies the Norm with its Collection for Baselworld 2018

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In conjunction with its 6th anniversary, BOMBERG adds four new watches to the collection. Bold and daring, their avant-garde designs allows watch lovers to stand out from the norm.


Masculine yet elegant, the versatile Bomberg BB01 is an ideal companion for all situations.

On the wrist, it imposes by its harmonious proportions and its perfect roundness and, at the end of a chain, it recalls the elegance of a gusset watch of yesteryear. On the dial, the odd hours are displayed soberly around the centered logo, which gives its “vintage” side, with the crown at 2 o’clock.

Paired with its Nato bracelet in fabric, steel (Milanese mesh) or leather, the BB-01 can be instantly transformed into a sporty and chic accessory. For an even more urban, avant-garde and original style, it becomes the object of all lusts when it is attached to its distinct chain.

Bolt-68 Eagle Pearl & Skull Pearl

With its crown and pushers at 12 o’clock, the Bolt 68 Eagle Pearl & Skull Pearl represents BOMBERG’s iconic image of well-balanced aesthetics. 

Inspired by Mexican art, its dial is a colourful expression reaching towards spiritual liberation. Dazzling patterns created by BOMBERG decorate the dial, marking its reputation of Huichol Art. The symbolism is potent and the bright colours help to highlight the visions offered by the gods. Designed in the manner of pointillism with tiny colourful touches resembling pearls, the chosen BOMBERG motifs are the master bird of prey or the skull, home of the soul.

The case, once detached from the bracelet is transformed into a jewel-watch, allowing it to be carried as a medallion at the end of a chain, or as a pocket watch.

Bolt-68 Racer Sport

An XL Chronograph with a sporty and powerful look. The Bolt-68 Racer Sport combines the signature features of BOMBERG with its “Bullhead” crown and gusset fastening system, as well as a sturdy medallion and a robust chain.

With a flamboyant and bold design, it makes for an remarkable accessory. But mounted on its perforated black rubber strap, it has the elegance of a classic car driver’s watch. An explosion of bright colours inside and out completes its modern-day conquering profile.


With a typical BOMBERG aesthetic: virile, imposing and unconventional, the BB-68 provides an absolute comfort to the wrist. Its peculiarity lies in its slightly rounded dial which looks like a miniature world shown in great detail.

This chronograph displays the signature of BOMBERG known as “Bullhead” by the disposition of the crown at 12 o’clock, with the pushers on both sides. The variations of the BB-68 offer a range that goes from the noisy and striking to the most classic look, not forgetting the models with dash and charm.

The models are varied, distinguished by either a black PVD case, a 4N rose case or a metal case, a leather or metal strap, a sports or fluted bezel reminiscent of the antique watches, or through the colour of the dial, that might be black, blue/grey or brown/bronze.


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