New: Orient Star Avant-garde Skeleton

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Orient Star releases two new Avant-garde Skeleton models as extensions to their Sports Collection. Now equipped with a movement with the brand’s first automatic watch with a silicon escapement.

New: Orient Star Avant-garde Skeleton

The new Orient Star Avant-garde Skeleton (both models) has a retail set at JPY 271,800, availability from 10 June 2023.


The Orient Star marque is perhaps not a familiar one to our readers. The brand’s origins are from 1951 when it was an independent manufacture until merger with Seiko Epson. They have manufacturing at their massive plant in Shiojiro, Japan. The parent company has cross shareholdings with the Seiko watch company we know and love. In fact, the Micro Artist Studio is a department within the Seiko Epson facilities. As well as the development and manufacturing of Seiko, Grand Seiko and Credor quartz and Spring Drive movements. The brand name Orient and Orient Star (intended to be a higher level offering) is owned by Seiko Epson, while the brand names Seiko, Grand Seiko, Credor, and others are owned by the Seiko Watch Corp. Quite complicated web of cross holdings. The relationship between Seiko Epson and Seiko Watch is complex, and we do not profess to understand how it works.

Product development and manufacturing are the cornerstones of the Seiko Epson company, and for watchmaking their thrust is delivered through the Orient and Orient Star branding, as well as being the supplier of quartz and Spring Drive movements to Seiko Watch.

The new model is quite interesting as it attempts to blend technical aspects of the F8F64 automatic movement with silicon escapement with the artistry demonstrated with open worked dials. Both novelties have steel cases. The standard model in regular 316L stainless steel comes with a matching steel bracelet, while the more sporty looking black plated model is delivered with a Cordura ballistic nylon strap.

The release information is not specific as to whether the existing Orient Star Avant-garde Skeleton models sporting the non-silicon escapement movement F8F44 is discontinued.

Release information

Orient Star is committed to skeleton watches synonymous mechanical watchmaking. Alongside other Skeleton models from the Classic and Contemporary Collection, the Avant-garde Skeleton from the Sports Collection has gained popularity with its dynamic designs and bold openwork. The latest models have evolved to a new level with advanced precision processing technology on the dial and movement, making them a must-have piece for watch lovers.

The new Avant-garde Skeleton designs make full use of the inorganic texture of metal, and the precision-moulded openwork dial is the first thing that catches the eye. The complex two-layer dial layout has been skilfully calculated so that the boundary between the movement feels seamless. The upper plate with indices features a different colour and finish to the lower plate that protects the upper plate from shocks and deformation. The seconds hands are arranged so that they stand out from the upper plate, giving a sense of depth and dimension to the distinct skeleton structure. The SAR-coated sapphire crystal glass cuts light reflection by 99% and ensures that every facet of the design can be seen clearly.

The skeleton design is complemented by the caliber F8F64 automatic movement with silicon escapement wheel. The caliber F8F64 is adorned with Geneva stripes on the surface and has a partially hollowed-out base plate revealing a blue silicon escapement wheel near the small second of the 6 o’clock position. This was created using a cutting-edge high precision manufacturing technology which has been registered for Japanese and international patents*. In addition, with the introduction of the silicon escapement wheel, the caliber F8F64 has a 60- hour power reserve – a first for Orient Star’s automatic movement – and offers high accuracy of +15 seconds to -5 seconds per day, for significantly improved practical performance.

The high-quality stainless steel (SUS316L) case and bezel with hexagonal screws have a delicate brushed finish that creates a strong sense of unity with the dial and movement, while the mirror finish achieved with Sallaz polishing adds an accent to the watch. The new models come in two designs: one emphasizing the solid metallic feel of the watch with a metal bracelet made of the same material as the case; and the other a fearless, sporty model that combines a black-plated case and dial with a Cordura Ballistic Nylon strap.

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