New: NOMOS Glashütte 75 Jahre Grundgesetz limited edition

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NOMOS Glashütte releases 6 Ludwig models to commemorate 75 years of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Each model is limited to 75 pieces and comes with a unique dial signature at 6 o’clock.

Press release with commentary in italics.

New: NOMOS Glashütte 75 Jahre Grundgesetz limited edition


The NOMOS Glashütte 75 Jahre Grundgesetz limited edition is a tribute to the German Basic Law’s 75th anniversary. This collection showcases six unique Ludwig models, each limited to 75 pieces, reflecting the years of the Basic Law’s existence. The watches are a blend of tradition and innovation, with three hand-wound and three automatic variants, one of which features a classic date display with Roman numerals. The case back of each watch is engraved with the profound statement “Die Würde des Menschen ist unantastbar” (“Human dignity shall be inviolable”), echoing the opening line of the German Basic Law.

Ludwig 33 – 75 Jahre Grundgesetz

These timepieces are not just functional accessories but also carry a message of justice, law, and order, resonating with the core values of the NOMOS brand. The meticulous craftsmanship and the symbolic significance make these watches a perfect time capsule of German horology and German democracy.

Ludwig – 75 Jahre Grundgesetz

Press release

Time for democracy

To mark the 75th anniversary of German Basic Law, NOMOS Glashütte is launching a limited-edition version of its classic Ludwig model in cooperation with Nomos Verlag. It comes in six sizes and with a clear commitment.

Ludwig 38 – 75 Jahre Grundgesetz

GLASHÜTTE, MAY 8, 2024: The Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany turns 75 this month. NOMOS Glashütte is celebrating the occasion with a special edition in six versions, limited to 75 pieces each. This is a matter close to the independent watchmaking company’s heart—and not just because the name “Nomos” itself comes from the ancient Greek and means “law”. As NOMOS Managing Director Judith Borowski emphasizes: “We owe a great deal to our constitution—it’s not a coincidence that the world looks to our example. Our company as it exists today was only made possible by the fall of the Berlin Wall. It also brought democracy to East Germany. The new NOMOS watch, this limited-edition Ludwig – 75 Jahre Grundgesetz, is in my view a beautiful statement for the constitution and for freedom, democracy, and legal certainty.”

Ludwig Neomatik – 75 Jahre Grundgesetz

A watch as precise and reliable as the German constitution

Ludwig, the watchmaking company’s classic with Roman numerals, is as elegant, precise, and reliable as the German constitution. The special model in six sizes and versions features a paragraph sign on the dial at 6 o’clock, in gold on the automatic models and in black on the hand-wound watches. Below it is a reference to the historic milestone: “75 Jahre Grundgesetz”. To complete it, Article 1, paragraph 1 of the German Basic Law is engraved on the bezel of the sapphire crystal case back: “Die Würde des Menschen ist unantastbar.” (Human dignity is inviolable.)

Ludwig Neomatik 39 – 75 Jahre Grundgesetz

The in-house movements are regulated according to chronometer values. Models with diameters of 32.8, 35, and 37.5 millimeters contain the hand-wound Alpha caliber, while the automatic watches with diameters of 36 and 38.5 millimeters are powered by the automatic caliber DUW 3001. The largest model, Ludwig neomatik 41 date – 75 Jahre Grundgesetz at 40.5 millimeters in diameter, contains DUW 6101 with a patented date mechanism. Performance, style, and reliability with strong values: Ludwig – 75 Jahre Grundgesetz is an elegant statement on the wrist.

Ludwig Neomatik 41 – 75 Jahre Grundgesetz

Cooperation with Nomos Verlag

The cooperation partner for this watch edition shares its name with NOMOS Glashütte and is well known in legal circles: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, the leading scientific and legal publishing house in Germany. Anyone who buys the watch in the publisher’s own store will receive a bound scientific edition of the German Basic Law. It contains answers to the most important legal questions.


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