New: Luminox Bear Grylls Survival Master with live pictures

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Luminox has always been an advocate of saving the seas with its association with ocean warrior, Scott Cassell and his non-profit organization, UnderwaterSea Voyager Project. With technological improvement, Luminox has decided to take its support of ocean conservation and sustainability efforts to the next level with its up-cycling efforts through a partnership with #tide. #tide is a Swiss based company that prides itself in collecting waste ocean plastics and up-cycles it to usable plastic materials.

New: Luminox Bear Grylls Survival Master

Press Release with commentary in italics.

As Luminox continues to push forward to design more sustainable products with its partnership with #tide, the new Bear Grylls Survival Master #tide Chronograph Series rises to meet this challenge.The new series is designed in partnership with survivalist and environmentalist, Bear Grylls, and uses #tide up-cycled plastic from water bottles reclaimed from the ocean for its case, bezel and straps, creating a new chronograph which comes in three dial and strap colour way options: Yellow, Green and Blue. We have the yellow model with live pictures.

Each of the three models will have a green case and bezel made from the sustainable #tide  material with the Bear Grylls logo prominently featured at the 4 o’clock position and a S.O.S  Morse code guide added to the minutes track that can come in handy in rescue missions.  Luminox’s Light Technology, made of micro gas tubes, also ensures the watches are visible in little to no light conditions.

The case measures 45mm and is made from ocean waste materials. The dial features an embossed texture with 3 different design subdials. Paired with the alternating hour gas tubes, the dial evokes a sporty persona, which matches the adventurer influence of the watch design.

The case has a translucent appearance and a unique brownish color. Overall impressions point to a lighthearted timepiece that has sufficient uniqueness than the more common homage designs.

A closed caseback is engraved with cobranded partnerships, namely #tide and Bear Grylls. The watch is also paired with a red screwdown crown and bright yellow nylon straps.

Concluding thoughts

Overall the watch has a sporty look and unique colorway, not only in the strap and dial but also with the case. Its strongest sell point follows a recurring trend in the market with Panerai and Swatch, using recycled materials for the case.

But considering that it is a tough sports watch from a brand that has a history of producing some of the toughest analog watches in the market, there should be little question on its reliability or performance. Unless the collaborations have a strong pull factor, or the green marketing resonates, ultimately whether one likes how the watch looks like at its price will weigh the heaviest in a purchasing decision. The watch is priced at SGD$1350 before taxes.


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  1. In an emergency can I eat it? and.. Does it taste like choco-banana?
    Just wondering. One thing is for sure, I wouldn’t want to depend on that Lume in the dark!