New: Lederer Central Impulse Chronometer takes it final form

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We covered the Lederer Central Impulse Chronometer concept announcement last year in detail, and now bring you the watch in its final form. Here is the photographs of the new production pieces, with pricing information.

To begin, please read our discussion of the concept announcement:

Lederer Central Impulse Chronometer – Announcement information with specifications, commentary with detailed discussion on how the movement works. Also an introduction to Bernhard Lederer.

Lederer Central Impulse Chronometer

Retail price is set at CHF 128,000 before taxes. Note: there was an earlier typo stating the price was CHF 185,000 which is now corrected.

The final watch is housed in a 44 mm case, surrounded by two round and domed crystals that have the effect of slimming the timepiece.

The 44 mm round case in white gold has soft, elegant lines. Its thin polished bezel enhances the view on the dial.

The Central Impulse Chronometer’s dial captures the imagination with a pair of synchronized seconds hands moving in opposite directions.

The two openings in the watch face bordered by interlaced circles forming the figure eight.

The totally new caliber 9012 is the result of several years of research and developed from ground up. It merges a new type of escapement, constant force and a double gear train into one spectacular looking case back.

The impulse, given directly along a straight line connecting the escapement wheel to the balance wheel, is thus theoretically perfect. The axis for the impulse is constant in time, even when the balance wheel has a low amplitude, as caused by shock for instance. This reduces friction, further ensuring that energy distribution to the balance wheel is optimally timed to obtain improved isochronism, hence improved stability.

Moving on to the movement finishing, the two large golden barrels contrast with the movement’s rhodium-plated finishes. The wheel spokes are tangential curves with a unique profile, a Bernhard Lederer hallmark. The level of finishing is commensurate with the level of mechanical sophistication the Central Impulse Chronometer embodies. The variety and quality in the execution – from polishing, inward and outward beveling, graining, engraving and satin-finishing to juxtaposing matte and glossy surfaces.

The Central Impulse Chronometer is available in two limited series in two limited series in white gold, 25 pieces with a blue dial and the other 25 pieces with a rhodium-plated dial. The closed dial option, shown in the concept watch is apparently not being offered.



  1. Now that’s a real improvement over the initial semi-skeletonised version. Looks so much better without lume, and the guilloché gives it more class, reminding me a tiny bit of a Strehler dial. The caseback display is still the best I’ve ever seen.

    • Thanks Gav…I think so too…that case back is fabulous…with the movement extending almost right to the edge. But I am still waiting to get my hands on a piece to examine first hand, and to photograph. Will definitely share when I get the chance.

    • @ Peter

      Looking forward to that, see how it compares to Frodsham’s watch (although that doesn’t have twin remontoires, which help ground its price in comparison) – I believe you got the chance to look at that a couple of years ago.