New: Ikepod Seapod Bronze

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Ikepod releases a new Seapod in Bronze with GMT in three colour options of green, grey and blue.

Press Release information with commentary in italics.

New: Ikepod Seapod Bronze

Retail price for the Ikepod Seapod Bronze is CHF 2 500  EUR 2600 USD 2600. Available immediately. Each colour is a 50 piece limited edition for a total of 150 pieces, numbered 1 of 50 etc.


Another one to jump on the bronze diver bandwagon. This time with the typical Ikepod twist. The watch is based on the steel Seapod, with a design which integrates the bezel into the lugless case which have won many hearts, and make it Ikepod’s best sellers. One of the results of this design feature is that the 46mm case wears much smaller, also thanks to the rounded case back.

Ikepod Seapod Bronze in Green.

The bronze novelty also adds a GMT as a complication over the base time only watch. The Seapod family is now extended to 6 members, from the original two in steel, one in black pvd steel and the three novelties in bronze. The bronze models command a premium of USD 1k over the base steel model, as they have the additional GMT feature. Water resistance remains a good 200m.

Ikepod Seapod Bronze in Blue.

Colours chosen are very sympathetic to the hue of bronze. According to Ikepod, the bronze is untreated and will patina according to the use pattern, and will form a nice aged look quite nicely after about 6 months of normal use.

It is also interesting that the nicknames given by the brand to the models pay tribute to Scuba diver pioneers. In green, we have Yves which is for Yves le Prieur, the French army inventor of SCUBA (“Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus”). in blue, Archi for Archimedes of Syracuse, and Sylvia in blue for Sylvia Earle.

Ikepod Seapod Bronze in Grey.

The movement is now the new Miyota 9075 with GMT in place of the Miyota 9039 used in the time only models.

Release information

After Seapod steel success , (launched last year with a perfect technical integration of the bezel) we decided to launch a very limited edition of Bronze Seapod, with Archi, Sylvia, Yves.

These 3 watches are delivered with a colored strap matching the dial. Here bronze is not stabilized and ages strongly, depending on usage and place of wearing. (Humidity is accelerating the process)

Designed by Fabrice Gonet, a Swiss designer who is behind many best seller of big  groups.

Seapod become of Ikepod best-seller. Lugless construction and rounded back feels less than 46mm on the wrist.

Seaslug diver which was 1st ever Ikepod models came with a GMT function, we are back, with the Seapod dial, strongly inspired by SEAPOD and 70ies diver dials, with strong area of Luminova.

Ikepod Seapod Bronze Specifications

Designed by Fabrice Gonet

German bronze, rotating bezel, screwed down crown., Open back with mineral glass

46mm without lugs, meaning 43 mm on the wrist, Sapphire glass on top.

Miyota 9075 new GMT movement.

Independent gmt and hours hands, 1st position, set the hour hands second position, set the hour and minutes with gmt hands.

Numbered 1, 2, 3 etc / 50



  1. J. Quincy Magoo on

    I just don’t see the attraction for a watch that uses an inexpensive movement in an older design, and tries to justify it by using an unstable bronze case, which will tarnish greatly. Ikepod appears to be another in a string of brands who exist to put out an inexpensive product while charging as much as possible with a numbskull marketing line.

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