New: Garrick S3 Mk2

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England based independent Garrick releases the successor to their S3 Mk1 and S2 Deadbeat seconds models with the S3 Mk2.

Press Release information with commentary in italics.

New: Garrick S3 Mk2

The Garrick S3 Mk2 retails at GBP 27,495 in the steel case, and GBP 33,495 in the gold case. Both prices are before taxes.


We have been keeping an eye on Garrick since our first encounter with them in 2019. We have kept in touch with their founder, Dave Brailsford since then, and covered a detailed review of the Series 2 in 2019, the news of the Series 3 in 2020, their collaboration with Fears in 2022 and the Regulator Mk2 in 2022. Dave told us about the S3 Mk2 a little over a year ago, and as stated in the release notes, it has taken them a year to complete.

The notes below document the difference and transition from Mk1 to Mk2 well, and what is immediately apparent is higher level of finish on the updated openwork dial frame and the clockwork. We quite like the fact that the case is now more modestly skeletonised, without the need to beat its own chest and shout the fact that the dial is open worked. The sub-dials displaying the seconds and the power reserve gauge are now closed, created by litho printing. This contrasts to the Mk1 which feature a dial that is almost non-existent, and comprise of only the chapter ring, which also connects to the running seconds sub-dial and the power reserve sub-dial. The indices in Roman numerals within two concentric rings in blued steel. We find the Mk2 aesthetics more pleasing. The steel lancine hands are retained, and these are created in-house in the workshops by hand.

Each watch is made to order, the buyers are able to customise the colour of this base plate and wheel train can be an option which the buyer can select. Evem the movement’s finishing from a palate of techniques ranging from frosting to graining are open options.

The movement remains largely unchanged as the UR-G04 caliber, which impressively is developed and built in-house in Norfork. The huge balance wheel is prominently displayed dial side, and it uses a special free-sprung balance made of Sircumet, achieving +3s a day daily variance. This is an excellent performance. COSC only requires -4s +6s a day to qualify as Category A. The open case back shows a beautifully laid out and finished movement, with the typical English restraint in embellishments, but still able to communicate the exquisite craftsmanship.

The watch is offered in either a gold or steel case. Pricing wise, the S3 Mk1 was released in 2020 at GBP 24.1k in steel, and this contrasts quite modestly to the Mk2 pricing of about GBP 27.5k.

Release information

The watch was first announced in a post on IG in 2023 and the project has taken over one year to complete.

The new and improved S3 MK2 showcases the British brand’s expertise and penchant for hand craftsmanship. The S3 MK2 features an openworked dial revealing a myriad of components usually hidden from view. Moreover, the updated movement, the UT-GO4 calibre, encompasses screwed chatons and peerless finishing, including time-consuming black polishing. 

When Garrick unveiled its original S3 model in 2020, it announced to the watch collecting community that the British brand was capable of producing fine watches, rich in technical virtue and hand craftsmanship.

Building on the success of previous models, Garrick has now created the S3 MK2, the company’s most technical watch to date. 

The MK1 model featured an openworked skeleton heat blued chapter ring which exposed a series of gears and pinions, positioned atop the mainplate. The S3 MK2 is different and now features a printed openwork dial framing the much improved and updated wheels, pinions and bridges. These parts are finished to a higher specification, providing a neater appearance whilst wheels are grained rather than polished or frosted, in order to retain their handmade aesthetic .

Whilst changes may seem small, technically the movement is more advanced, and timing and finishing have been much improved.

To further improve specification, Garrick’s watchmakers had to revisit each movement component and, in many cases, improve the aesthetics by adding hand bevelled edges and polished surface to augment the model’s aesthetic allure. Ultimately, these changes led to the creation of the improved and updated calibre.

Consistent with previous models, clients can also choose between Garrick’s celebrated anchor-shaped hands, or more understated lancine hands, which like other elements of the watch are hand-made in the Garrick workshop, and can be grained, polished or heat blued.

A small seconds display and power-reserve indicator complete the inventory of functions.

Garrick’s signature oversized balance (one of the largest on any watch) is positioned front of house, in the lower portion of the dial. A prominent bridge spans the balance wheel and is enriched with straight graining and black polishing. The Trinity free-sprung balance is made of Sircumet, a non-magnetic alloy exclusive to Garrick. A free-sprung balance enhances isochronism and mitigates positional influence on the rate, surpassing the ubiquitous index-adjusted balance. The timing screws affixed to the balance wheel are set in-board, reducing air turbulence and, by default, augmenting precision. Every S3 MK2 is regulated to +3 seconds daily variance. 

The gears and a plethora of other components are made in-house using traditional watchmaking machines such as jig borers and lathes. Numerous parts are, once again, made of Sircumet and subject to the clients wishes parts can be black polished, grained or frosted. The rhodium-plated movement is hand-frosted and features screwed chatons, while the case is offered in 904 grade stainless steel or 18-carat gold.

As each watch is made to order, as an option, all our movement’s bridgework and components can be frosted, grained, or mirror-polished, depending on the wishes of the client. This means the buyer will have the possibility of creating a uniquely personal version of the S3 MK2 with a wealth of choices. Anything is possible!

By virtue of its exalted, no-compromise creation, the making of the Garrick S3 MK2 is restricted to just five pieces per annum. This latest watch, crafted by hand in Norfolk, showcases the talents of Garrick’s skilled staff and demonstrates that British watchmaking is very much alive and well.

Garrick S3 Mk2 Specifications


904L Stainless Steel or Gold / 42mm Diameter / 11 mm Depth

Sapphire crystal with AR coating / 22mm Lugs / Exhibition case back

Water Resistant to 100m


Exclusive Garrick calibre UT-G04 manual wound mechanical movement

In-house free-sprung balance – tested and regulated to ensure a daily variance of +3 seconds / Screwed and hand-polished chatons / Rhodium or gold plated with black polished bridges /19 Jewels / Hand frosted finish


Litho printed hand frosted brass base / Hours, minutes and power reserve indications


Handmade steel, grained, polished or heat blued Hours, Minutes & Power Reserve


Running seconds / Power Reserve: 45 hours


316L Stainless Steel or gold pin buckle


Handmade Alligator, calf leather, Buffalo and Ostrich.