New: Franck Muller Grand Central Tourbillon Flash CX 36

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Franck Muller goes even more audacious with their new extension to the Grand Central Tourbillon lineup with the latest Flash CX 36. Available in three vivid colours – blazing orange, neon green and electric blue.

Press Release information with commentary in italics.

New: Franck Muller Grand Central Tourbillon Flash CX 36

The price for the new Franck Muller Grand Central Tourbillon Flash is SGD 188,600. Price inclusive of GST.


This is a rehash of the rather popular Grand Central Tourbillon first debuted in 2021, but instead of the classical guilloché dial, the new watch is endowed with a matte black micro blasted dial with the striking and vividly coloured accents in either orange, green or blue. These accents add a very bright flash and contrasts very well with the very deep darkness of the black dial. The accompanying nylon strap matches the brilliant flash of colour.

All other aspects remain the same as the launch models, including the Curvex CX case, but using the 36mm size, and with it, the FM CX 36T-CTR movement in place of the FM CX 40T-CTR used in 2021 models. What is new is also the case is now constructed in carbon with a blackened titanium inner bezel in stead of gold used in earlier versions.

Release details

Inspired by the universe of futuristic automobiles and following the success of the Grand Central Tourbillon—the world’s first tonneau-shaped centre tourbillon watch—Franck Muller is proud to present the new Grand Central Tourbillon Flash, which explores edgy and vibrant perspectives of an already ground-breaking timepiece, and projects itself light-years ahead.

With a dial that is simultaneously minimalist yet audacious, the newest addition to the Grand Central Tourbillon line is a timepiece for which technique is literally at the core. In the middle of a microblasted matte black brass dial and boldly coloured indices, is of course the whirlwind that is the pièce de résistance of the entire collection. A masterstroke of modern watchmaking and the result of over a year of industrious research and development, the tourbillon here is moved from the traditional 6 o’clock position into the spotlight on the centre of the dial, with the hour and minute hands innovatively placed around the central tourbillon cage, drawing attention to the complexity of the movement within, in an ingenious “stacking” of complications. The Cintrée Curvex CX case’s bezel, made in blackened titanium, is also separate from its case allowing for more depth with a two-tone treatment and highlighting the sensuous curves of the watch.

The Grand Central Tourbillon Flash holds a self-winding movement, thanks to a sunray-brushed eccentric micro rotor, offering a generous 4 days of power reserve. Its handsome 60 second tourbillon is suspended by a single bridge—which is also shaped to indicate the seconds—and is elevated above the rest of the dial, magnificently on display. The minimal hour and minute hands extend outward from the central carriage on openwork circles that are also suspended around the spectacular tourbillon.

A New Showstopper

Standing out like a futuristic starship in space, the Grand Central Tourbillon Flash features a redesigned dial, on which the House’s distinctive numerals are replaced by bright, vibrantly coloured indices on a microblasted black matte dial, all pointing toward the centre of the timepiece, highlighting the mesmerising mechanics of the tourbillon. The tourbillon’s cage bridge also incorporates a striking neon arrow, rotating around the nucleus like an electron, enabling the seconds to be read.

Remarkably Redesigned

Housed in the redesigned Curvex CX case which debuted in 2021, the movement of the Grand Central Tourbillon Flash is fitted to the curved case middle. Affording greater visibility of the flashy indices and spellbinding centre tourbillon, the sapphire crystal extends all the way to the lugs—a feat achieved only after perfecting a special technique of fixing the glass at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock— and giving the Curvex CX our most curved profile to date.

Integrated into the case, a neon strap, matching with the bold indices, is made of nylon with a calf leather underside, allowing for a youthful sporty aesthetic as well as impeccable comfort and durability.

The Grand Central Tourbillon Flash is available in Asia in size CX 36 and in three different vivid colourways: blazing orange, neon green and electric blue.

Franck Muller Grand Central Tourbillon Flash CX 36 Specifications


Curvex CX Case
Carbon case
Blackened titanium inner bezel
36.50mm (W) x 52.65mm (L) x 12.30mm (T) Sapphire crystal
Water resistant up to 30 meters


Microblasted matte black brass dial
Indices made of PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate)


Self-winding movement
4-day power reserve
313 components and 52 jewels
32.10mm (W) x 40.45mm (L) x 11.34mm (T)
Balance wheel frequency set at 18,000 alternations per hour

Movement decoration

Côtes de Geneve on the bridges
Circular graining on the plate
Chamfering on the bridges, the springs and the rotor Diamond polishing on the sinks
Sunray brushing on the rotor, the rolling and the barrel cover Snailling on the ratchets
Circular graining on the wheels


Nylon strap with calf leather underside
Brushed stainless steel buckle with black PVD coating