New: Chopard Happy Sport Sincere Platinum Jubilee Edition

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Another one for the Sincere Platinum Jubilee, this time from Chopard with a new 30 piece limited edition Happy Sport.

Press Release information with commentary in italics.

New: Chopard Happy Sport Sincere Platinum Jubilee Edition

The Chopard Happy Sport The First Sincere Platinum Jubilee Edition has a retail price of SGD 18,300 (including GST). 30 piece limited edition.


The Chopard Happy Sport lineup has become iconic since the launch in 1993. We reviewed a variant with an oval case and came away quite impressed.

This novelty is based on the standard offering in a round case measuring 33mm in diameter. It is offered in Lucent Steel for the case and pebble bracelet, which is not available in the regular round cased collection. The pebble bracelet is only available in the Oval models. The dial is in a burgundy red hue, a first for the collection.

The movement is the Chopard 09.01-C, a self winding in-house manufacture movement. Finishing on the movement is good, but not at the same level as Chopard’s own L.U.C movements. The case back bears a discreet Sincere logo to mark the celebration.

Pricing wise, compared to the standard round case model retails at SGD 14k, or the Happy Sport Oval now retails at SGD 15.4k. This Sincere novelty carries a premium at SGD 18.3k. For that, you get the 30 piece exclusivity – burgundy dial, Sincere insignia and the (switcheroo with the Oval) pebble bracelet in place of the 3 link bracelet on the standard model.

Release details

To commemorate Sincere Fine Watches’ 70th anniversary, Chopard introduces the mesmerizing Happy Sport The First Sincere Platinum Jubilee Edition. Launched in 1993, the original Happy Sport was the first in the industry to feature the concept of sparkling diamonds dancing animatedly across a white dial. Over the past 30 years, the Chopard Happy Sport has become an international icon in the horology world, embodying the Joie de Vivre and free-spirited attitude that today’s women aspire to, empowering them to conquer their world and realize their aspirations.With its illustrious history and inspiring message, Sincere is proud to announce the launch of the Happy Sport. The First Sincere Platinum Jubilee Edition, a limited edition with only 30 pieces produced.

The Happy Sport The First Sincere Platinum Jubilee Edition marks the first time Chopard has chosen a burgundy red for the dial. This color has been carefully selected to reflect Sincere’s passion for fostering an appreciation of the intricate craft of horology.

The debut of the first Happy Sport in 1993 showcased an innovative combination of steel and diamonds, marking a departure from the norm of exclusively using precious metals for diamond-studded timepieces. By incorporating diamonds into a steel watch, Chopard made luxury accessible for everyday wear, appealing to a wider audience seeking both elegance and durability.

Over the past three decades, the Happy Sport collection has preserved its charm and modernity, becoming an enduring symbol of innovation and sophistication in the horology world. Recognizing the significance of this iconic timepiece, Sincere chose the Happy Sport collection to commemorate its 70th anniversary. The selection of the Happy Sport as one of the twelve esteemed Sincere Platinum Jubilee Editions underscores its status as a timeless classic that transcends trends and resonates with discerning watch enthusiasts worldwide. With its blend of timeless elegance and contemporary flair, the Sincere Platinum Jubilee Edition offers a refreshing take on the original watch, capturing the essence of celebration and progress that defines both Sincere and the Happy Sport legacy. For the first time in the Happy Sport Collection, Chopard has chosen a burgundy red for the dial, symbolizing Sincere’s passion for fostering an appreciation of the intricate craft of horology. This piece also pays tribute to the original icon with its renowned diamonds and “pebble-link” bracelet, making it a timeless icon with a unique twist.

The case and ‘pebble-link’ bracelet of the Chopard Happy Sport The First Sincere Platinum Jubilee Edition are made of Lucent Steel™, an anti-allergenic alloy that combines anti-allergenic virtues with the brightness and sturdiness of ordinary steel.

The Chopard Happy Sport The First Sincere Platinum Jubilee Edition showcases a case and “pebble-link” bracelet made from Chopard’s proprietary Lucent Steel™ , an anti-allergenic alloy containing 80% recycled materials. This material not only provides enhanced brightness and durability compared to ordinary steel but also offers increased scratch resistance, resulting in a brilliant shine for the timepiece. Inspired by the principles of the golden ratio, the 33mm diameter case is designed to perfectly accompany women in their daily endeavors.

The Pursuit of Proportion

Ensuring symmetry and comfort in their timepieces is crucial for Chopard, especially in their Happy Sport collection. Caroline Scheufele, Co-President and Artistic Director of Chopard, expressed this sentiment in 1993, revealing her desire for a versatile watch suitable for all occasions: “I wanted a watch that I could wear all day long: at the gym, in the office, or for a dinner in town.” This enduring pursuit of harmony is now realized through the application of the golden ratio, guiding the proportions of the latest models in the collection. With roots dating back to antiquity, this mathematical concept seeks to replicate the innate harmony found in science, art, and architecture. By aligning the dimensions of the movement tailored for Chopard’s ladies’ watch collections with the principles of the golden ratio, the Happy Sport’s case is meticulously crafted to a 33mm diameter, ensuring perfect proportionality and complemented by an elegantly supple bracelet.

Timeless Icon with a Modern Twist

Aesthetically, the new Chopard Happy Sport The First Sincere Platinum Jubilee Edition is deliberately modeled after the original icon introduced in 1993. However, it distinguishes itself with a unique dial color. The round case features a burgundy red dial adorned with Roman hour-markers. This choice marks the first time in the Happy Sport collection that Chopard has selected this particularly striking hue for the Sincere Platinum Jubilee Edition, emblematic of the retailer’s commitment to nurturing the appreciation of horological craftsmanship. Complementing this distinct dial are five cabochon-cut sapphires set on the lugs and crown, mirroring the burgundy tone.The five cabochon-cut sapphires on the Chopard Happy Sport The First Sincere Platinum Jubilee Edition has a burgundy tone that was specially selected to compliment the striking Burgundy dial.

Exquisite Pebbled Bracelet

The timepiece is completed with an exquisitely modern yet vintage-inspired bracelet, crafted with links arranged in four rows of pebbles. Meticulously produced within Chopard’s watchmaking workshops, it offers the flexibility to gracefully embrace the wearer’s wrist, reinventing the notion of style, allure, and elegance with a sophisticated yet sporty aesthetic. Each pebble is expertly polished before being seamlessly assembled, resulting in a visually stunning timepiece that exudes comfort on the wrist.The seven diamonds, constantly in motion with an ever-changing choreography, offer a mesmerizing and continually evolving spectacle for their wearer.

Dance of Time

With seven dancing diamonds nestled between two sapphire crystals adorning the dial, the Sincere Platinum Jubilee Edition embodies the noble legacy of casual chic style. Introduced by Chopard in 1976, the dancing diamonds of the Happy Sport watch collection have transformed women’s interaction with timepieces: no longer mere timekeepers, they now contemplate the ever-changing choreography of the diamonds swirling around the watch. Thanks to these dancing diamonds, which are “happier when they are free” – as Caroline Scheufele’s mother exclaimed upon discovering the first prototype of this innovative concept in 1976 – the Happy Sport presents a captivating and continually creative spectacle. This technical feat is only achievable through the expertise of a few artisan choreographers, as they ensure that each diamond in its spinning-top capsule is carefully arranged to allow for their unimpeded motion.The 148-part Chopard 09.01-C automatic winding caliber is designed, developed and produced in-house, and comes equipped with a 42-hour power reserve.

The reliability of an in-house movement with automatic winding The Chopard Happy Sport The First Sincere Platinum Jubilee Edition showcases the expertise of Maison Chopard. This timepiece is powered by the Chopard 09.01-C movement, consisting of 148 parts. With automatic winding and a 42-hour power reserve, the 09.01-C is entirely designed, developed, and produced in-house. Its 20.4mm diameter fits perfectly within the case of the Happy Sport collection, showcasing Chopard’s in-house production capabilities and commitment to precision craftsmanship.

Looking at the caseback of the Chopard Happy Sport The First Sincere Platinum Jubilee Edition, “One of 30” is engraved to highlight its exclusivity, as well as Sincere’s 70th anniversary logo on the crystal to commemorate this special occasion.


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