New: Blancpain Bathyscaphe now in black ceramic cases

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Blancpain releases their Bathyscaphe collection with a new black ceramic case and bracelet. Three lines are released, viz the Ref. 5000 Automatic with Date, Ref. 5054 Quantième Complet Phases de Lune and Ref. 5200 Chronograph.

Press Release information with commentary in italics.

New: Blancpain Bathyscaphe now in black ceramic cases

The retail pricing for the new Balancpain Bathyscaphe are as follows:

  • Ref. 5000 0130 01S at SGD 30,700
  • Ref. 5054 at SGD 26,400 in canvas strap and SGD 37,400 in ceramic bracelet for all 6 variant options
  • Ref. 5200 0153 01S and 5200 0130 01S at SGD 37,400 for either dial option


Blancpain adds ceramic to the family mix of Bathyscape watches. These novelties are released in a Automatic with date (1 new Ref. 5000), the Quantième Complet Phases de Lune (6 new Ref. 5054) and the Chronographe Flyback (2 new Ref. 5200).

The ceramic case itself is also is not new. The Ref. 5000 and Ref. 5200 had been in the collection for a while in ceramic cases, so for these two new watches, the novelty in this release is the new ceramic bracelet.

And what is completely new is the Ref. 5054 Complete Calendar with Moonphase in the black ceramic case and ceramic bracelet. The Quantième Complet Phases de Lune itself is not a new model, we reviewed the launch model in 2018 in a steel case and bracelet. It is also available in titanium and gold. The new ceramic Ref. 5054 is available in three different dial colours with bezels in black or green matching the green dial version.

And all three share the same case diameter of 43.6mm. But the watch cases have different thickness, with the chronograph at 15.25mm, the calendar with moonphase at 14.1mm and the automatic at 13.83mm. All are rated to 300m water resistance.

Movements are in-house Manufacture Blancpain, and are all self-winding models. The movements are not new, but well tested and already in service in other Blancpain watches. The movements are the C. 1315 in the automatic Ref. 5000, the C. 6654.P in the complete calendar Ref. 5054, and the C. F385 (5Hz) movement in the chronograph Ref. 5200.

Caliber 6654.P in the Ref. 5054.

Release details of the new Ref. 5054 in ceramic

Blancpain is delighted to present the new Bathyscaphe Quantième Complet Phases de Lune, now fitted with an elaborately designed and patented black ceramic bracelet and a case made from the same material. With an assertive, sporty yet supremely elegant style, this model features a dial in vibrant shades of sunray-brushed blue. Available with a choice of bracelets or straps ranging from ceramic to NATO and sailcloth, the new Bathyscaphe Quantième Complet Phases de Lune brings power, colour and dynamism to the Bathyscaphe line.

The year 1953 saw the birth of the Fifty Fathoms, the first true diver’s watch, used as a real tool by professional divers at the time. Its daily-use version, the Bathyscaphe, came into the world in 1956. Designed for everyday wear while offering the opportunity to explore the seabed, this Bathyscaphe line had a different format with a reduced diameter. Now, it is reaffirming the essence of its creation with a dynamic model that combines captivating colour with ceramic.

A high-end dial with a striking gradient

In stark contrast to the black ceramic, the dial of the new complete calendar and moon-phase model is adorned with an elegant shade of blue. Its subtle gradient combined with a sunray finish really brings the dial to life, imbuing it with a personality that changes with the light. Exuding sophistication, it adds depth while providing great luminosity that catches the eye. Just like its wearer, this watch has a personality of its own, intensified by the striking contrast between the dial and the black ceramic case and bracelet, which also reflect the light with their own extraordinary finishes.

Unfailingly resistant

Cutting-edge ceramic technology takes the Bathyscaphe line into a new dimension. The unique properties of ceramic make it an ideal material for this versatile line, which introduces a high-tech ceramic bracelet for the first time.

Durable, highly scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic, this material is nearly five times harder than stainless steel, yet is 25% lighter. Despite its undeniable qualities, ceramic is complex to work, particularly in terms of finishing. In addition to the 25% reduction in volume that must be taken into account when firing at over 1,400°C and the diamond tools required for machining, satin-brushing is a delicate and meticulous process. From the links to the buckle and the case, every facet is individually finished by experts.

The exacting process of making a fine watchmaking bracelet means that the links have to be perfectly adjusted so that they are neither too loose – for aesthetic reasons – nor too tight – for practical reasons – resulting in tight tolerances. Each of the links is therefore carefully measured and checked to ensure a perfect fit. The bracelet’s patented system of links held together by cam-shaped pins makes it remarkably resistant and extremely comfortable. Its black colour matches not only the new complete calendar – also available in green and black –, which has been given a ceramic case (black, 43.6 mm and water-resistant to 300 m) for the first time, but also the Bathyscaphe three-hand and flyback chronograph models, whose cases are in the same material.

Powered by the 6654.P calibre, the new Bathyscaphe Quantième Complet Phases de Lune showcases both its diver’s watch heritage, with its rotating bezel, and Blancpain’s signature fine watchmaking characteristics, with its moon-phase complication and silicon balance-spring.

Diving and safety: the rotating bezel

While diving in 1952, Jean-Jacques Fiechter, Blancpain’s then co-CEO, learnt at his own expense how important it was to measure time spent underwater safely. His innovative solution was to equip the Fifty Fathoms, launched in 1953, with a lockable, graduated and rotating bezel specially designed for underwater diving.

Today, the Fifty Fathoms collection features a unidirectional rotating bezel that only turns anti-clockwise for greater safety. The Bathyscaphe also has this type of bezel, like the original Fifty Fathoms that inspired it. Blancpain’s new moon-phase calendar model is no exception. The insert, positioned on the black ceramic bezel, complements the colour of the dial: in a deep and bold black, adorned with grey Liquidmetal® for added contrast, it highlights the striking sunray-brushed blue gradient adorning the watch face. The bezel, which has a thoroughly contemporary look, is highly scratch-resistant and emits a powerful ‘click’ when handled.

The moon phase at the heart of time

The Manufacture’s emblematic moon-phase complication finds its place on this new timepiece, which is powered by the calibre 6654.P. Reintroduced by Blancpain in 1983 in the wake of the quartz crisis, this complication enabled the brand to demonstrate that a mechanical timepiece was the product of extraordinary expertise and that quartz could never replace a complex mechanical watchmaking creation. It thus came to symbolise the revival of mechanical watchmaking. Blancpain’s immediately recognisable moon phase is found on the calibre 6654.P, which not only has a 72-hour power reserve (thanks to its two barrels), but also a secure movement, enabling the wearer to adjust the calendar indications at any time of day without damaging it. Adorned with traditional Fine Watchmaking decorations, such as bevelling, circular graining and snailing, this calibre is visible through a sapphire crystal case back and incorporates a silicon balance-spring, making it impervious to magnetism.

The silicon revolution

Silicon has revolutionised watchmaking since the beginning of the 21st century and enabled major advances in time measurement. Elastic without deforming, hard, light and highly resistant to corrosion, this material stands out in particular for its resistance to magnetism, a welcome quality when it comes to ensuring the precision of timepieces.

Contrary to the 1950s, when the balances of timepieces were fitted with metal springs that could become magnetised – hence the need for a soft iron inner cage to shield and protect the movement from magnetism –, contemporary Fifty Fathoms feature a silicon balance-spring, which enables them to have a sapphire crystal case back revealing the unique construction of their movements.

As the new Bathyscaphe Quantième Complet Phases de Lune benefits from this technology, it not only showcases a mechanism with high-quality finishes, but also offers superior timekeeping performance thanks to this material.

Blancpain: The Master of Calendars

Calendars, a key part of the Manufacture’s DNA, demonstrate Blancpain’s expertise in complications. They made a strong comeback in the early 1980s, initially in the form of the complete calendar, which set the ball rolling for a host of Blancpain timepieces equipped with calendar indications. Whether it is a weekly calendar, a simple date display, an annual calendar or a perpetual calendar, the brand’s ability to create calendars culminated in the extremely complex creation of two world firsts: the Villeret Equation du Temps Marchante and the Villeret Calendrier Chinois Traditionnel. Frequently featured in the Manufacture’s catalogue, calendar mechanisms have made Blancpain the Master of Calendars, and the new Bathyscaphe Quantième Complet Phases de Lune continues this legacy.


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