New Announcement: Lange 1 Lumen

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Exclusive live photographs of the just announced, literally 6 hours ago…of the new Lange 1 Lumen.

Literally just returned from the launch event. Very tired, and have a full day schedule shooting the watch in more ideal conditions tomorrow…so look out for those photographs. In the meantime, on site photographs…I think possibly the first on the net…of the new watch.

Head of development Tony de Haas holding the watch. Grande Lange 1 with see through dial, and superluminova date display…a la Zietwerk Luminous, aka “Phantom”.

More technical information available here.

A closer look at the dial side, with the glass dial showing the outsized date mechanism.

A wrist shot, on a somewhat larger wrist. This wrist measures some 9″ circumference, I guess. But the watch is rather friendly on the smaller wrist too, being only 40.9mm diameter.

The movement is the new as of last year’s Lange 1 handwound movement: the L095.2…with 72 hour power reserve (reduced from the original’s 96 hours, but with the diameter of the movement enlarged with a larger, inhouse escapement).

Apoligies for the quality of the photographs, but these are taken in-situ, jostling for space with perhaps 10 other photographers. Lighting is harsh halogen used in the launch venue.


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