MB&F: new LegacyMachine no2

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Max Bussier…the man and the company which bears his name – Max Bussier and Friends, is always entertaing to watch, and his products always pushing the envelope.

The Legacy One created quite a stir when it was introduced two years ago, and the followup, with the same team of Mojon, Voutilainen and Giroud with Bussier has some tricks up their sleeves…and when the Legacy Two was unveiled, it was quite a sight for sore eyes.

Two balances, beating from the power of one train divided by a differential mechanism. Similar in concept to the Dufour Duality, which Max proudly says he drew his inspriration from.

The bridge layout is quite beautiful…very nicely done!

And the finish quite immaculate

Nicely job…I really love the way the bridges flow…like liquid from pivot to pivot.

On the wrist, it is magnificent…available in platinum, and in gold…the platinum is with a very beautiful blue dial.

Apologies for photographs…not my usual…as I did not bring my regular lighting, and had to shoot this in-situ at L’Atelier by The Hour Glass. For this reason, I shot almost exclusively at f/2.8, resulting in shallow depth of field.


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